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John Bolton

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dems Use Fake Republican for New Pro-Obama Ad

Is it really so surprising that the same people who lie about Mitt Romney being a felonious tax cheat who murdered a man's wife and tortured his own dog would fake an ad?

The big question in this election is how many people who voted for Obama in 2008 have come to their senses and now see their mistake? A recent Gallup survey found 14% of Obama 2008 voters will not cast their ballot for his re-election. This matches a wealth of anecdotal evidence such as the Citizens United video telling the story of Obama 2008 voters who have had enough of Hoax and Cheat.

So what is the Obama Campaign answer? Come out with their own film which purports to show Republican women deserting the GOP. Just one problem. The ad they ran features a woman who claims to be a Republican but who in fact has been a registered Democrat for many years.

Just more proof that Obama will say anything to get re-elected!

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