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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Arctic Sees Coldest July and Shortest Summer on Record

Psst! Don't tell the global warming fanatics. They'll think we're entering a new ice age and demand a global tax for that too!

Oh those poor global warming fanatics. Despite their best efforts to fake data and rig the game to prove their point Mother Nature just doesn't want to play along. The news that July 2013 was the coldest on record in the Arctic must come as a real disappointment to the sky is falling crowd. “Normally the high Arctic has about 90 days above freezing. This year there was less than half that,” according to Steven Goddard at Real Science. 

Record low temperatures for July have also been recorded in the United States. In Germany, temperatures in June were "normal" but were well below what the flawed models for climate change predicted would be the case.

Not surprisingly, Arctic sea ice has made a record rebound from the summer low usually seen this time of year. Only five years ago the global warming "scientists" were telling us the Arctic might be ice free.   So much for all the phony scare stories about drowning polar bears. What's next? A carbon tax to alleviate freezing polar bears?

How Many More Years Will Warming Scammers Keep It Up?

Every few years the "scientists" working for the United Nations put out a new projection. Here's a chart comparing their predictions with the actual temperature record:

Temperatures are relatively stable despite the fact that CO2 levels continue to rise. ALL the models predicting doom and gloom if we don't stop carbon emissions ARE WRONG!

I could write page after page showing how the global warming scam has failed but fortunately, Climate Depot has done it for me with their report "A-Z Climate Reality Check."

As many have already guessed the real driving force behind climate change hysteria isn't concern for the planet but MONEY. One UN scientist actually admitted it:

The goal of global warming fanatics isn't to save the planet but line their own pockets and engage in a global socialist money grab. Power, money and greed!

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