Saturday, March 04, 2017

More Left Wing Fascism on College Campus as Free Speech Under Attack Along with Physical Assault

Physical assaults are just the latest in this developing story of fascism at universities!

Last month I posted on the connection between the rise of the NAZI party in Germany and the student movement. Every few weeks it seems we have another example. This time, Middlebury Vermont where students shouted down another speaker whose views they disagree with:

Not content just to block the free speech rights of others who wanted to hear the speaker, the mob followed Charles Murray and the professor who hosted the event out into the street where the professor was assaulted. Her hair was pulled, wrenching her neck and requiring her to go to the hospital for treatment. Left wing fascists attack woman should be the headline but you won't read about it anywhere else.

At what point will the rights of ordinary Americans who do not riot and physically assault those with whom they disagree be protected? The longer this lunacy is permitted to spread the more dangerous it becomes. We've already seen bomb threats to Jews and Trump supporters. Will we wait until these threats become reality before we act?

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