Saturday, March 04, 2017

Reporter Who Made Up Sources, Hated Trump and Was Bernie Sanders Supporter Arrested for Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats

And yet Sanders, who demands Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resign, has Not disavowed anti-Semitic supporter!

There has been a recent wave of anti-Semitism lately and naturally the left wants to blame it on Trump. But the only guy arrested so far was a supporter of Bernie Sanders who hated Trump. He's also a former reporter who made up sources and quotes. Can we say FAKE NEWS!

Juan Thompson was arrested in St. Louis. Aside from being an anti-Semite and perhaps a Muslim he has made a lot of threats:

When Bernie Sanders office was repeatedly asked if the Senator condemned Thompson's acts or words, there was no response.

Just another example of how the hate state works. Dem's drive their delusional supporters to the most vile acts of hate and violence yet never take responsibility for their words!

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