Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Anti-Democratic Left Wing Fascists Shut Down U.S. Senate to Delay Key Vote on Health Care

Remember, these are the people who say Republicans are fascists. But they are the ones who will do ANYTHING to get what they want!

Millions of Americans cannot afford health care because of the onerous ObamaCare premiums and deductibles. But their plight does not matter to the left that only seeks to gain power even at the expense of people's lives.

Democrats go out of their way to insist people "will die" if GOP policies are enacted. It's so ridiculous, there's even a parody about it. But people are dying from lack of access to care and Dems don't care. Least of all this rent-a-mob that showed up in the Senate gallery for an unprecedented display of anti-democratic behavior:

Trump speaks to groups of supporters and REAL Americans and we're branded by the left as "fascists." Meanwhile, the REAL brownshirts will do anything to get their way. Imagine if Trump supporters behaved this way!

P.S. The vote passed. Trumpcare is on the way!

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