Thursday, August 02, 2018

In Oregon Protest Left Demonstrates Persistent Proclivity for Hate, Garbage and Racism

Funny how all the things they say they are against is what they actually DO!

Ever notice the irony of these left wing anti-fascist groups trying to shut down free speech with which they disagree and using violence to do so?  All the while trying to claim they are anti-fascist?  Well, the anti-fascists were at it again at a protest in Portland Oregon. This time, their target was the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency which protects minorities from violent gangs that have savaged their community.

On this occasion the anti-ICE fascists were not trying to prevent free speech, but did manage to hold a community hostage during a protest where hate, garbage and racism were the main byproduct.

Remember that these are the people who also say they care about the environment, yet after their protest broke up they left behind mountains of trash which included human waste, used needles and liquor bottles.  In all, some 15,000 pounds of garbage had to be removed costing nearly $25,000.  Some examples:

This is entirely typical of left wing protests that have plagued other locales.  Who can forget the environmental group that protested the Dakota pipeline in North Dakota claiming the pipeline would damage "sacred" Indian ground yet they left behind a similar mountain of garbage and toxic waste. They even abandoned puppies!

Wherever they go, these "anti-fascist" and environmentalist fools put their rights ahead of the average citizen who ends up paying the clean up bill.  Even in Oregon, residents, very careful to say they supported the cause lest they get a brick through the window, were disgusted by the mess.

One resident commented:
The ICE protesters should be ashamed of themselves. And, if they’re not, their parents probably are!
Garbage wasn't the only thing on display at this protest. The same people who stop hate and racism screamed racial slurs, including the "n" word at black ICE agents. Other racial and gender slurs were directed at an Hispanic female agent.
[O]ne African American officer reported to an administrator that protesters “began yelling racial slurs” at him, including the N-word. The officer said he was also called a “blood traitor” and an Uncle Tom, a derogatory term implying a black person is acting subservient to whites for money or prestige. “These racial slurs have been directed at me throughout the entire length of the deployment,” the officer wrote. Another officer, who is a woman of Hispanic and Native American descent, said she was called derogatory terms for Hispanic people and told she is “a weak female” and a “traitor.”
The protesters were mostly white and must be enjoying their so-called "white privilege" to abuse minorities.  None were arrested.

These are the people who say they will mobilize an army to defeat Republicans in the November congressional elections. They don't seem to realize they are doing damage to their cause. It's almost as if Vladimir Putin was paying them. He might well be. There's plenty of precedent!

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