Monday, June 30, 2014

Unhinged Obama: "GOP Doesn't Do Anything But Block Me and Call Me Names"

There must be something seriously wrong with this guy!

The world is burning before our eyes. Wherever you look, from Ukraine, to Africa, Syria, Iraq it's a mess. At home, our economy just had the biggest contraction since the last recession. The Supreme Court, by unanimous decision, including two votes from Justices appointed by Obama smacked down his constitutional overreach.

Obama's own job approval is in the tank, reaching historic lows. You would think a President in this much trouble would be reaching out to Republicans to find common ground on issues that would draw support from both sides of the aisle. But not Obama. In a speech in Minnesota last week he rattled off a list of divisive left wing causes that have no chance of passing even the Democrat controlled Senate. Then he blamed it all on Republicans in a voice that can only be described as whiny. Listen for yourself:

OBAMA: They [Republicans]don’t do anything -- (laughter) -- except block me.  And call me names.  It can’t be that much fun.  (Laughter.)  It’d be so much more fun if they said, you know what, let’s do something together.  If they were more interested in growing the economy for you, and the issues that you’re talking about, instead of trying to mess with me -- (laughter) -- then we’d be doing a lot better.  That’s what makes this country great, is when we’re all working together.  That’s the American way. 
Obama also said "I want to work with Democrats and Republicans." He's said that more times than he said "if you like your health care plan you can keep it." Yet every time Republicans bring an idea to the table he's said no. This goes back to when he was first elected and dismissed GOP ideas for economic stimulus by telling GOP congressional leaders "I won." It's his way or no way. And we see the results.

There are 40 bills to create jobs passed by the House of Representatives which have not received a vote in the U.S. Senate. If Obama truly wanted to move the country forward and get out of the current economic downturn he could work with Republicans on this legislation. But again, his only answer is no.

Now, he says that if Congress won't act on immigration (the way he wants them to) he will "borrow" the power needed and act on his own. This just throws more fuel on the fire of a lawless president operating outside the Constitution and makes it even more difficult for Congress to act with him. And it's not just Republicans but also Democrats in Congress who are finding Obama's incompetence and overreach hard to swallow (1,2)

The country and the world is paying a high price for Obama's hubris and incompetence. In the years remaining in his term things can only get worse as it appears he is incapable of learning from his mistakes. But at least couldn't he stop the whining?

Mississippi's Photo ID Voter Law Didn't Suppress Black Vote for Cochran

I guess Dems will shove all those voter suppression charges in the wake of black surge for Cochran!

Sen. Thad Cochran, who won the Mississippi runoff for the GOP senate nomination did so with black votes despite having an "F" rating from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. But allies of his campaign put out fliers wrongfully accusing Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel of wanting to keep blacks from voting.

The big black turnout for Cochran saved him from certain defeat. Jeff Jacoby writing at the Boston Globe points out that this must mean voting rights for blacks are safe and secure. If one of the most Southern states, in a GOP primary, can let blacks who aren't even Democrats vote then what was all that crying about voter suppression? This election was the first test of Mississippi's photo ID for voters law. Seems it worked pretty well.

Will this stop the Democrats from repeating the phony charge of voter suppression? No, of course not. They won't drop that old chestnut any more than they will drop the GOP war on women despite how many GOP women candidates are getting savaged by Dem opponents. Just like Harry Reid and the phony billionaires, it isn't the truth that is important. It's how many low information voters they can trick into believing a lie!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Democrat's Billionaires

He must think the people are stupid. Well, he might have a point when talking about the low information voters on his side!

Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader has a Koch problem. The Kochs are two brothers whose companies employ over 60,000 Americans in good paying jobs. Their crime, according to Harry Reid, is that they also contribute to GOP and libertarians political causes. At last count, Reid decried the influence of the Koch brothers at least 134 times:

Most of these denunciations were done from the floor of the U.S. Senate. You would think Harry Reid would have something better to do with his time like bring up the 40 jobs bills passed by the House of Representatives that could help boost our ailing economy. But Harry doesn't have time for that.

Reid: "Democrats Don't Have Any Billionaires!"

Harry was at it again when he claimed that Republican billionaires are the problem and that Democrats don't "have any billionaires." That was too much even for many Democrats (you can imagine how their billionaires felt) and Harry got smacked down by fact checking news sites like Politifact which pointed out that Democrats actually have MORE BILLIONAIRES working on their behalf this year.

Not that this will stop Harry from misleading (or lying if you prefer). He knows most people only hear the headline that the GOP is supported by billionaires so he says it again and again and again. Of course many of these same folks gullible enough to swallow that whopper don't know who Harry Reid is either but what does it matter as long as they get the faulty impression that everything the GOP is doing is on behalf of these evil billionaires.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Unforgivable: Sen. #Thadcochran Breaks Reagan's 11th Commandment with #Racist #Racebaiting Tactics in #MSSen. Primary Runoff

If you have to play this dirty to win, you should lose!

It's a sad thing for a man with a career as long and honorable as that of Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran to win the primary on what is likely to be his last race for public office by using despicable and clearly racist tactics. Here's a flyer that was distributed in black precincts to encourage blacks to vote for Cochran in the primary runoff held this Tuesday:

Ad appears to be the work of a shadowy PAC created to help Thad Cochran. Another example of their work.
Cochran made no effort to denounce the effort.
Cochran won by under 2% or less than 6,600 votes. It is estimated that 35,000 Democrats, many of them black came out to vote for Cochran. In Mississippi Democrats can vote in the GOP primary if they intend to support that candidate in the fall election. Do we really think blacks will come out to vote for Cochran again in such numbers? Not hardly. Nate Silver, political number cruncher, estimates that had Democrats not voted for Cochran McDaniel would have won by 25,000 votes.

And what about Mississippi's Republican primary voters? How do they feel about having their choice for their parties nominee decided by people who will likely not vote for that nominee in the fall? Many of them are understandably upset and may decide to sit out the general election. It might be a closer race for Cochran this fall without thousands of GOP voters. Perhaps that's the best way to send a message that this kind of thing is despicable and should not be tolerated.

Shame on you Thad Cochran. You've spoiled a long career of service with this unforgivable conduct!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Human Toll of the Obama Caused Disaster at U.S. Southern Border

Children and the weak suffer most in border nightmare after chasing the dream of a free pass to enter the U.S.

Word on the street in Central America is that if you make it across the U.S. border you're home free. That's said to be especially true if you are a child or traveling with a child. "Go to America with your child, you won't be turned away," is the message that is sweeping the region as tens of thousands risk their lives in a perilous journey north.

Vice President Joe Biden was sent to Guatemala on Friday to try and correct this impression. Though Joe being Joe he stepped in it. While he did say that most illegals would be sent back he made it clear that some would stay. And he went on to say that judges and lawyers provided at taxpayer expense would be available to help those who could make a claim for asylum. It's mostly a moot point anyway since we are releasing illegals and simply requesting they show up for hearings. That's unlikely and even if they did their numbers would overwhelm the immigration system.

Most illegals seem to have accepted Biden's advice and are ready with their story:
Asked why they would take such risks, the answers from Sanchez and others are nearly uniform: gang violence at home, poverty, no jobs. But press a little more deeply and many acknowledge having been told — by friends, relatives, even aid workers and, of course, the coyotes, or smugglers — that it can be easier these days to cross into the United States and stay, especially if you are carting kids.
Does this look safe for children?

The story of unaccompanied children making the perilous journey of thousands of miles is heartbreaking. Many run out of money to bribe the Mexicans or pay smugglers:
REYNOSA, Mexico –Fourteen-year-old Brayan Duban Soler Redando left Honduras in April after hearing a rumor that children who can make it to the U.S. are being given permission to stay so they can go to school.

He traveled alone all the way from the village of Quebrada Maria on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, through El Salvador, Guatemala and then Mexico. To reach Reynosa,, Brayan begged for bus fare, hopped trains, walked, hitched rides and even swam at night across a river between Guatemala and Mexico.

But in Reynosa, Brayan ran out of money to pay smugglers to take him across the Rio Grande.. And now he, like many others following these false hopes, is stuck in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, in shelters like Senda de Vida, which sits on a hill overlooking the Rio Grande in this border city.
14 year old Brayan is one of the lucky ones. At least he reached a place of safe shelter in Mexico. Countless others aren't so lucky:
The trip can take weeks or months; some get off the train along the way to beg or work, and those with children stop to rest and maybe pick up donated diapers or food before hopping another train.

They ride on the roof, holding on for dear life, the luckier ones wedging themselves between jostling cars. Almost every one of them has had to pay bribes, either to Mexican police, immigration officials or gangs.

In a twist, along some segments of the route, the notorious Zetas drug and extortion paramilitary force has been replaced by members of the equally ruthless Mara Salvatrucha gang, originally from Los Angeles and El Salvador, migrants said. They charge the migrants $100 at each stop, Honduran Jose Eduardo Calix said.

"If you don't pay, they try to throw you off the train," Calix, 30, said, adding that he had seen five people shot to death because they didn't have the money.
Many Central Americans detained by Mexican authorities are held in limbo for weeks or months in dank detention facilities, where they say they have been beaten, forced to pay for food and tortured.
Some say that this influx of immigrants can be beneficial to U.S. society. But an unchecked surge of immigrants, many carrying diseases like Tuberculosis creates a threat to public health in the U.S.

The immigrants who make it across will cause a strain on already overburdened social services, health and education resources. Consider this:
Doris Martinez, 46, left Honduras on April 24 with her 5-year-old daughter, Anni, traveling most of the way by bus. Anni has Down syndrome. Before leaving, Martinez heard that the U.S. government was giving women traveling with children "permisos" — permits — to stay in the U.S. if they could make it across the river on their own.
"My intention is to cross to the other side to the United States because my daughter has special needs. I am looking for help. I heard there is a special school for children like her," Martinez said. "In Honduras, they don't help children like her. They discriminate against them. They treat them like they aren't even people."
As sympathetic as Americans are towards those with disabilities, it's clear that Ms. Martinez's daughter will remain a burden to taxpayers and not contribute to the revival of the U.S. economy as some open border advocates claim. But what about 14 year old Brayan:
Fourteen-year-old Brayan Duban Soler Redando heard about two friends who made it to the United States, Brayan left the next day.

"They say when you get to the other side, go to la migra (the Border Patrol) and la migra will help you," Brayan said, sitting in the shade of a tree at the shelter.

But after his long journey to Reynosa, Brayan ran out of money.

The smugglers charge as much as $400 per person for a trip that in most spots in this area is no more than 100 yards wide. Criminal gangs that control the waters stand between the migrants and the U.S.

At one point, Brayan walked up to an embankment and stood contemplating how he would come up with the $100 — a fortune — the smugglers want to take him across the Rio Grande.

"If I can pay the fee and make it across, I will turn myself in to la migra and, hopefully, they will help me," he said. "It would be a miracle. I pray God allows it."
The chance of Brayan coming up with a legal source of that money is next to nil. I fear that for him and tens of thousands of others seeking to come here there will be no miracle. Just the opposite.

Obama Praises Illegal Immigrants at White House Event

Had the word gone out from Obama on down that we intend to secure our border and refuse entry to all those attempting to skirt our laws this human tragedy would not be happening. But what message did Obama send last week? He hosted an event at the White House to honor illegal immigrants whom he has granted amnesty calling them "champions for change." That's the message that kids like Brayan and mothers like Doris hear and they are coming by the thousands!

Friday, June 20, 2014

No Apology From IRS on Lost Emails and No Explanation How You Can Lose Just SOME Emails And Not All

Does ANYONE believe that the curious destruction of 7 key computer hard drives was an accident?

We're told by the IRS that key emails to outside agencies and elected Democrats were destroyed after a hard drive crash on Lois Lerner's computer. But, we're told that internal IRS emails during that time were saved while archives for outside emails were overwritten after six months.

Sound fishy? You can save some, but not all? Wait. It gets fishier. Now we learn that emails for an additional six IRS officials, including many at the top of the IRS Tea Party scandal also disappeared in hard drive failures. To lose the emails of one IRS official might seem like a coincidence. To lose the emails of seven seems like a conspiracy. Especially from an agency that demands tax payers retain seven years worth of records.

Here's how one Twitter fan views this news:
One of the officials whose emails are missing is Nikole Flax, chief of staff to former Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. Flax and Lerner had discussed possible prosecution of Tea Party groups and Lerner is said to have corresponded with the Justice Department on that point as well. Flax also visited the White House more than 30 times. This is exceptional number of White House visits for an IRS official. During 4 years of the Bush Administration the top IRS official visited the White House only once. What were IRS officials and the White House talking about? We don't know but both the White House and the IRS tell us we must believe there was nothing funny going on. Take their word for it.

IRS Commish: "“Not a single email has been lost since the start of this investigation."

Taking the Administration's word for it is becoming increasing difficult. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) had some words for the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen at a Capitol Hill hearing Friday. The Commissioner had just told the panel."I don’t think an apology is owed...Not a single email has been lost since the start of this investigation. Every email has been preserved that we have." Except of course for all the emails that would tell us who and what was really going on in the relevant time frame. Rep Ryan reacted: "I don't believe you." Here's Ryan's whole statement as he recounts the misleading and false statements from the IRS:

“I’m sitting here, listening to this testimony, I don’t believe it,” Ryan said. “That’s your problem. Nobody believes you. The Internal Revenue Service comes to us a couple years ago and misleads us and tells us no targeting is occurring. Then it said it was a few rogue agents in Cincinnati. Then it said it was also on progressives. All of those things have been proven untrue.”
“This is being misleading again,” Ryan said. “This is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving us any confidence that this agency is being impartial. I don’t believe you. This is incredible.”
It won't surprise anyone that the mainstream news media has not covered the lost emails story. The same media that covered NJ Governor Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal wall to wall has ignored this latest chapter in this one of many Obama scandals. No morning or evening news coverage of the lost emails and crashed hard drives. We can only imagine how different the coverage would be if a Republican was in the White House with a similar scandal!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Photo: Mass Slaughter in Iraq. Killing Spree Heads Across the Globe Towards New York. Obama Claim "World is Less Violent!"

This is what evil looks like and it's headed straight for us!

When reports came of hundreds of young men being rounded up by al Queda terrorists in Iraq (ISIS) the inevitable conclusion is that they were being headed to a mass slaughter. These reports are now confirmed. Al Queda bragged about the killing placing these images and videos of other atrocities on extremist web page.

Mass slaughter in Iraq is just the tip of the iceberg of murder headed to a city or a town near you!
OBAMA: "The world is less violent than it has ever been."

Thirty two times during the 2012 election Obama used some variation of "al Queda is on the run" or "headed to defeat." This was AFTER the attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi Libya were four Americans, including our Ambassador, were killed. Since then things have only gotten worse.

Al Queda and related group violence has spread across northern Africa to Asia with increasingly violent and bloody attacks. Just over the weekend, while a bloodbath ensued in Iraq, 48 people died in an attack in Kenya. The week before, the Taliban struck in Pakistan killing 26. And let's not forget Boko Haram in Nigeria killing 200 Christians in April and kidnapping young women in May.

Over the weekend, Obama was golfing and delivering a commencement address on global warming. No action is imminent to deal with the explosion of threats around the world. Ditto for Secretary of State John Kerry who is hosting a conference on climate change in Washington. Thousands are dying and the number of terrorist attacks is increasing much faster than the global thermometer but there seems to be no urgency for the immediate problem.

In Iraq Obama acted for short term political gain in his first term. In so doing, he squandered the sacrifice of American lives that enabled Iraq to become a stable country. Lack of vision and short term political concerns also led to disastrous policies in Egypt, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. Now we see the bitter harvest of Obama's indifference and short term political strategy. And the worst may be yet to come.

Terrorist Leader: "See you in New York"

The cherry on this sundae of slaughter comes from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the terrorist mastermind behind the latest Iraq attacks. He was released from prison in Iraq by the Obama Administration. As he left, he told guards "see you in New York." When George W. Bush left office the genie of al Queda terrorism was back in the bottle. Obama has removed the cork and we will all pay a price!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Iran Steps in as Iraq Burns and Obama Heads to Palm Springs for Vacation/Golf/Fundraisers

Obama shows what his priorities are!
Iraq is collapsing before our eyes. The heads of murdered policemen and government officials line the streets of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, as hundreds of thousands flee for their lives. As this wave of terror and mass murder surges towards Baghdad, Iran is sending it's al Quds force of fanatics to battle al Queda. Quds is the group responsible for killing Americans in Iraq during the war and for fomenting terror attack killing Americans throughout the Middle East.

What's Obama doing? He's taking a four day weekend to visit Palm Springs. No doubt he'll enjoy the golf and the adulation he gets at fundraisers during his stay. Before leaving on his trip he made a statement in which he admitted that this crisis "could pose a threat eventually to American interests as well." Could? Dividing Iraq between Iran and al Queda is the worst foreign policy disaster since 9/11. Obama went on to say:
OBAMA: Now, this threat is not brand new. Over the last year, we’ve been steadily ramping up our security assistance to the Iraqi government with increased training, equipping and intelligence. Now, Iraq needs additional support to break the momentum of extremist groups and bolster the capabilities of Iraqi security forces. We will not be sending U.S. troops back into combat in Iraq, but I have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support Iraqi security forces, and I’ll be reviewing those options in the days ahead.
At least Obama acknowledges he's known about the problem for a long time. The U.S. Ambassador to Syria resigned in February because Obama was failing to act in a way that might have prevented the current crisis. Now, at the final hour he says he has to study the situation before he acts. So, he goes on vacation and won't be back until Tuesday. I'm sure he'll be giving the crisis his undivided attention on the golf course!

Iraqi government officials and tribal leaders forced to dig their own graves before being executed by al Queda.
Obama Released al Queda Leader in 2009?

A report in the Daily Telegraph from London suggests that under Obama, the current leader of the al Queda surge was released from U.S. custody in Iraq in 2009. If anyone needs proof that releasing the top five Taliban generals a few weeks ago was a monumental and deadly mistake this should confirm it!

Washington Post: Obama's "Pretense" of Ending War is Gone!

Washington Post editorial board, June 11:
FOR YEARS, President Obama has been claiming credit for “ending wars,” when, in fact, he was pulling the United States out of wars that were far from over. Now the pretense is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain.
If Iraq joins Syria in full-fledged civil war, the danger to U.S. allies in Israel, Turkey, Jordan and the Kurdish region of Iraq is immense. These terrorist safe havens also pose a direct threat to the United States, according to U.S. officials. “We know individuals from the U.S., Canada and Europe are traveling to Syria to fight in the conflict,” Jeh Johnson, secretary of homeland security, said earlier this year. “At the same time, extremists are actively trying to recruit Westerners, indoctrinate them, and see them return to their home countries with an extremist mission.”

When Mr. Obama defended his foreign policy in a speech at West Point two weeks ago, he triggered some interesting debate about the relative merits of engagement and restraint. But the question of whether Mr. Obama more closely resembles Dwight D. Eisenhower or Jimmy Carter is less relevant than the results of his policy, which are increasingly worrisome.
Now Mr. Obama is applying the same recipe to Afghanistan: total withdrawal of U.S. troops by 2016, regardless of conditions.

At West Point, the president stressed that “not every problem has a military solution.” That is obviously true. In fact, a goal of U.S. policy should be to help shape events so that military solutions do not have to be considered. The presence of U.S. troops in South Korea, for example, has helped keep the peace for more than a half century.

Total withdrawal can instead lead to challenges like that posed by Iraq today, where every option — from staying aloof to more actively helping Iraqi forces — carries risks. The administration needs to accept the reality of the mounting danger in the Middle East and craft a strategy that goes beyond the slogan of “ending war responsibly.”
For years I have warned that Obama's naive, reckless and irresponsible foreign policy would result in disaster. We're now seeing just how bad those consequences are. Instead of change course and start listening to those who have a better understanding of histories lessons than he does Obama doubles down on a blind left wing ideology that will bring the war home to America soon!

UPDATE: Iraq requested help to prevent terrorists have gaining a stronghold MONTHS AGO when it might have made a difference. Obama refused!

UPDATE: ISIS brags about killing with execution/beheading videos. But Western media sanitizes. On the one hand I can understand not wanting to give terrorists a forum for their crimes. On the other people need to see what kind of monsters these terrorists are so no one will forget when Obama seeks to pardon them!

Key IRS Scandal Emails Lost: Obama's Scandal/Crisis a Day Keeps Accountability Away

What a great strategy. Flood the zone with bad news every day and you'll never be held accountable. Unless you're a Republican!

It's one thing after another. Solyndra, Fast and Furious, IRS Tea Party, Wiretapping reporters, Veterans Administration, Berdgdahl Taliban swap and now the collapse of Iraq. Hard to keep up with it all even if you are paying attention and most Americans are so dumbed down they don't.

In the midst of this scandal du jour we learn Friday that the IRS has "lost" key emails Lois Lerner sent during the critical period in which the Tea Party was suppressed. This comes after Obama and the Democrats repeatedly claimed that they had cooperated fully with congressional investigations and handed over all relevant documents.

Richard Nixon was forced to resign from office in large part because it was claimed that key Oval Office recordings had been accidentally erased. Emails that might show a direct White House link to the IRS Tea Party scandal disappear and somehow that's not an impeachable offense?

If you lost key documents relevant to your tax return how would the IRS view that? Isn't it past time that a Special Prosecutor was appointed to examine the IRS/Tea Party scandal? But Obama and his Department of Injustice will refuse to appoint one!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Leonard Nimoy @TheRealNimoy in 1978 "Climate Experts Believe Next Ice Age is On It's Way" If You Can't Believe Spock, Who Can You Believe?

Climate hysteria is nothing new, but the taxes and regulations are!

So, Obama has instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate coal fired power, raising electricity rates for the poor and Middle Class. Based on what?

LEONARD NIMOY: "Brutal Buffalo winter might become common all over the
United States. Climate experts believe the next ice age is on it's way."

Many of those same "climate experts" are now telling us just the opposite. Should we impose onerous financial burdens on Americans to pay for something on which "experts" keep changing their minds? I don't think so!

#Iraq Collapse Looms As Obama Hands Hard-won American Victory to Al Queda

Foresight and leadership is all it would have taken to forestall this disaster. Obama has neither!

On a recent foreign trip aboard Air Force One Obama responded to critics of his foreign policy by saying his doctrine was "don't do stupid shit."  Yet, wherever we look these days all we see is one foreign policy disaster after another. The looming collapse in Iraq is just the latest.

Obama was elected on the promise that he would end the war in Iraq. Instead, all he did was end U.S. involvement. He pulled all U.S. troops out and basically left Iraq to fend for itself. When George W. Bush left office Iraq was stable and at peace. Can Obama say that today? Obama refused to do the hard work of negotiating a change in the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq that might have allowed residual non combat U.S. forces to remain to bolster the Iraqi government. We see the result.

In December 2011 Obama had his "mission accomplished" moment at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where he claimed he had ended the war "responsibly" and that "we’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people. " Prior to that Vice President Biden called Iraq one of Obama's "greatest achievements." In campaign 2012 Obama claimed he had "Al Queda on the run." Got that right. A.Q. is running straight for Baghdad! Thanks O!

A regrouped Al Queda surging to victory in Iraq.

Today, hundreds of thousands are fleeing the terrorist plague that struck at Iraq's second largest city, Mosul. The plague continues and is heading south toward Baghdad. Mass beheadings are the fate for many left behind.

This Didn't Have to Happen

Under George W. Bush Al Queda had retreated into Syria and kept a low profile until the civil war in that country began. Their brutal tactics allowed them to take larger areas of territory. All of this was known in Washington. Robert Ford, our Ambassador to Syria resigned recently because of the inaction of the Obama Administration and their inability to respond to the threat. He writes in the New York Times:
In February, I resigned as the American ambassador to Syria, after 30 years’ foreign service in Africa and the Middle East. As the situation in Syria deteriorated, I found it ever harder to justify our policy. It was time for me to leave.
Al Qaeda offshoots that joined the war now pose a potential threat to our security, as the directors of national intelligence and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have warned. These extremists enjoy a sanctuary from which they may mount attacks against Europe or the United States.

Americans can be proud that we have provided over $2 billion in humanitarian aid to help Syrian refugees. But this is treating symptoms, not the disease. We must have a strategy that deals with both Mr. Assad and the jihadists.
Sadly, there is no strategy to deal with the problem. Obama operates in a world where the politics of the moment is his sole consideration. His desire to avoid doing "stupid shit" seems to have paralyzed any kind of effective action even if he knew what that was. He's surrounded by people like National Security Adviser Susan Rice who's own judgement has been repeatedly called into question over the Benghazi video claim and more recently with her assessment that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl served with "honor and distinction" and thus justified releasing the top five generals of the Taliban from Guantanamo.

And if you think this shock in Iraq has jolted Obama into action, think again. On Wednesday he told an online forum at the White House that "The world is less violent than it has ever been." As the full scope of the Iraq crisis broke on Thursday Obama said he was considering options to help Iraq but he didn't have any specifics. No doubt he'll give another speech and declare problem solved as he did with Syria.

Obama has no strategy for dealing with this mess. No plan at all. Not even a clue. He's taken a hard-won victory in Iraq and thrown it into the dust. The sacrifice of our fallen soldiers and veterans be damned. The result will be more death and destruction. That blood is on Obama's hands!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Consequences of Playing Immigration Politics: Obama's Welcome Mat Creates #BorderCrisis and Humanitarian Nightmare!

Children are dying to get here and it's a direct result of Obama's policies!

For several years Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano tried to sell the message that the southern U.S. border was secure (1,2). In testimony in 2010 before a Senate committee she made that claim as emphatic as any Obama pledge:
Illegal youth in 2014 set to top 65,000
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, while testifying before a Senate panel, said the United States’s southwest border is “as secure now as it has ever been.”  “I say this again as someone who has walked that border,” she said. “I’ve ridden that border. I’ve flown it. I’ve driven it. I know that border I think as well as anyone, and I will tell you it is as secure now as it has ever been.”
Napolitano made this claim in support of efforts to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform that promised border security along with provisional amnesty for those who were already here. Of course those promises in that legislation were as empty as the so called security on the border.

If our border is secure then how is it possible tens of thousands of children, including infants, are able to get across it?

Here's the result. Thousands of children from Central America being warehoused in border states:

Why the sudden influx? Newspapers in Central America are touting Obama's open border policies:
Newspapers in El Salvador and Honduras are promoting policies by the Obama administration that defer deportation to minors brought to the United States as children by their parents — known as "Dreamers" — and those that are housing illegal children at military bases in the South and West.

"Almost all agree that a child who crossed the border illegally with their parents, or in search of a father or a better life, was not making an adult choice to break our laws, and should be treated differently than adult violators of the law," Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is quoted in a story about a new two-year extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy published by Diario El Mundo in El Salvador.

Signed by President Barack Obama in 2012, the policy grants temporary legal status to many young illegal immigrants, ending the threat of deportation for at least two years.

The policy, however, does not entitle the immigrants to state services. It was renewed for two more years.

"With the renewal of DACA, we act according to our values and code of this great nation," Johnson said. "But the biggest task of comprehensive immigration reform is yet to come."
Criticized for lacking any kind of cohesive, intelligible foreign policy Obama responded that his policy was "don't do stupid shit." Apparently he never stopped to think how announcing instant amnesty for minors would be viewed by our southern neighbors.

The Border Patrol is overwhelmed dealing with the flood of children leaving the border wide open to drug cartels and other criminals. As the influx of children increases, a humanitarian crisis worse than Hurricane Katrina is looming. Unlike Hurricane Katrina, this crisis is man made and the man in the White House who vowed he would not do "stupid shit" is to blame!

UPDATE: Here's what the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers said about the crisis:

“This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes.”

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

@GOPLEADER Defeat in VA Primary a Victory for the Tea Party and Defeat for Immigration Amnesty

Establishment Washington insiders are eating crow tonight!

The establishment political class in Washington is in a dither tonight. After weeks of saying the Tea Party is dead, the victory of an unknown, underfunded challenger in Virginia defeating 12 term Majority Leader of the House Eric Cantor is a stunning rebuke. The final result is 55% David Brat, 44% Eric Cantor.

Cantor spent $5 million vs. $200,000 for Brat!

The major issue in the turnaround was immigration. Brat warned Cantor and establishment GOP would endorse amnesty. This should be a clear warning to other Republicans to tackle border security first before talking about other immigration issues.

Libs will now have to revert to their standby mantra that the Tea Party runs the GOP. That's not true either but heck, why start telling the truth now?

South Carolina: Tea Party opposition to Lindsey Graham split six ways. That's no proof of Tea Party weakness but Graham's luck that primary opposition did not coalesce around a single candidate.

Monday, June 09, 2014

A Visual Reminder of What Obama's Policies Have Done ForTO the Middle Class

Detroit Michigan is the proving ground for what Obamaism is doing to the whole country!

Here's what you get after years of Democrat city rule accelerated by four years of Obama in the White House:

More at the Daily Mail.

Remember this image next time you hear Obama say how much he cares about the Middle Class!

Taliban Says Thank You Obama By Attacking Pakistan's Largest Airport: 26 Dead!

One week after Obama released the Taliban's five top generals!

This is what you get from deals with terrorists. MORE terror. MORE killing:

Friday, June 06, 2014

#Bergdahl Firestorm the Result of Frat Boy Foreign Policy. There is No Gravitas in Obama White House!

What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all?

The White House effort to change the subject from the disaster at the Veteran's Administration backfired explosively this week. Ron Fournier writing at the National Journal said "the White House has undermined its credibility – again –by confusing governing with campaigning." As Fournier notes, it isn'[t the first time that Obama has put politics before good policy. And this wasn't even good politics. Fournier continues "It was no secret that the Taliban's capture of Bergdahl was complicated by evidence that he abandoned his unit. Many people in government long considered the soldier a deserter or traitor." Yet military objections were overruled by the White House as Time Magazine reports and told to "suck it up and salute."

Then Susan Rice, famous for the phony Benghazi talking points which sought to blame a video for the attacks, went again on the Sunday news shows and proclaimed that Bergdahl "served with honor and distinction." Perhaps she too thought the media would suck it up and salute the same way they have over Benghazi and other Obama scandals. But the liberal media didn't get the message. As I record in my earlier post on this subject, the New York Times was out in front reporting on outrage expressed by soldiers in Bergdahl's unit who saw the Administration effort to proclaim him a hero rather differently in the light of the deaths of the soldiers who went to rescue the deserter. CNN has also had some heavy hitting questions for Rice which she dodged just like Benghazi.

An Outrage a Day Keeps the Fox News at Bay?

The current White House media strategy is to hope that they can turn this into another repeat of the "phony scandals" meme they have used so effectively before. Politico reports that they believe that outside of Fox News and Republicans in Congress the story will fade from public attention. Perhaps the whiz kids at the White House have already cooked up the next scandal to take the place of this one that takes the place of the VA scandal.

But this raises the issue of just who is in charge at the White House? Kimberly Strassel writing in the Wall Street Journal describes how the process of formulating national security in the Obama White House has become corrupted by politics. Particularly, aides who served on Obama's campaigns in political capacities have been the dominant force in developing policy. This includes former Obama campaign bus driver Tommy Vietor who landed a slot as spokesman for national security. Vietor is famous for saying "dude, this was two years ago" when asked about his role in shaping the talking points about the Benghazi attack that Susan Rice repeated on the Sunday programs.

And it isn't just the "dude" comment that brings to mind Vietor's lack of gravitas. Here is is at a bar in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington pounding down beers frat boy style with other White House aides:

Is it any wonder current National Security Adviser Susan Rice comes out and perpetuates obvious fallacies when the White House machine behind her so clearly lacks the judgement, experience and seriousness to give her and the President good advice?

Ultimately, Obama whining about the Bergdahl backlash is yet another example of the incompetence, inexperience and lack of seriousness in the Obama Administration. They're sole focus on politics might have worked in the short run but that time has passed. They look more clownish by the day!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Does Obama Care More About An Army Deserter in Afghanistan Than a Veteran Marine in Prison in Mexico?

Is it any wonder Obama isn't respected as Commander in Chief by those serving in the military?

When Obama gave the commencement speech at West Point the enthusiasm of the graduating cadets was obviously lacking. Compare it to the enthusiasm cadets showed to the December 2008 visit by President Bush:

Why do you suppose that is? Oh, I don't know. Maybe because Obama seems to go out of his way to offend those who serve. The latest example comes from the release of five top Taliban leaders from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. These Taliban are the worst of the worst, charged with war crimes for mass murder yet allowed to go free for a man who members of his unit say deserted his post and trashed his country:

“I am sorry for everything here,” Bergdahl reportedly wrote in an email to his parents just prior to his capture. “These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid.”
“I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools,” Bergdahl concluded. “I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”
Yeah. Afghanistan would be much better off with the Taliban in charge where women are killed for refusing to obey their male masters and education of women is forbidden. A REAL war on women.

Just to make sure the military got the message, Obama sent National Security Adviser Susan Rice out on the Sunday news shows (the same Susan Rice who lied about an internet video being the cause of the Benghazi attack) to declare that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.” Talk about an insult. Worse still, soldiers who upheld their oath to serve died while searching to rescue Bergdahl. Explain that to their families.

Meanwhile, Andrew Tahmooressi, veteran of two tours in Afghanistan and credited with saving the lives of fellow Marines took a wrong turn at the California/Mexico border and ended up nearly dying in a notorious Mexican prison. Obama hasn't done one thing to seek his release.

It's as if Obama is actually trying to destroy the moral of the U.S. military. Either that or he's the most incompetent Commander in Chief in modern history. or both!

UPDATE: Obama expected "euphoria" over terrorist swap for deserter. Are they really that out of touch? Even Obama's mainstream media defenders have been sharply critical of this action. Is this the scandal that sticks?

Six soldiers who died searching for Sgt. Bergdahl. Where's their White House meeting?
Mother of Darryn Andrews demands to know why her son died looking for a traitor! 

UPDATE: Video of Bergdahl release. The claim by the Obama Administration that they didn't have time to notify congress of the release of Gitmo terrorists because of Bergdahl's health falls apart when you see how well he appears in the video. Looks like the Taliban treats deserters quite well. But still, the Obama Administration will keep Bergdahl out of sight claiming the need for medical care. They certainly don't want him to speak in public and confirm what we've learned about him!
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