Sunday, December 31, 2017

Share Your Thoughts: Trump's Biggest Accomplishment in 2017

Things are looking up for 2018!

There are a lot of columns out there listing Trump's accomplishments in 2017. See 1,2,3,4 for examples. Everything from the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and the withdrawal of the environmentally worthless Paris Climate Accords.  But which is the most important?

Some might argue that it was the passage of the Trump Tax Plan which united House and Senate Republican factions which gave Democrats chills over what might happen in 2018 with a united GOP.  But I think it's more than that.

I read Peter Baker's column in the New York Times. At first reading it's just a litany of the tired complaints about Trump from a news media that Pew Research found was overwhelmingly negative as compared to Obama or even George W. Bush.

Baker complains that Trump broke the mold for how Presidents were expected to act in office.  Any other President endlessly attacked by a viciously partisan media would slink away and hide. Not Trump. He took on the endless fake news that sought to undermine him and turned it to his advantage.  In short, his greatest strength is that he didn't knuckle under to the negative barrage and he did break the mold of the establishment way of doing things in Washington, DC.

In doing so, he demonstrated faith with his supporters many of whom now refer to him as President Promise Keeper. Trump has shown he isn't just another politician who says one thing to get elected then caves to the establishment when the heat gets turned up.  Maintaining that outlook on leadership in the wake of the several major achievements he has had this year sets him up well for 2018.  And as the economy improves faster following the tax plan both Trump and Republicans have the best chance to do well in the 2018 midterm elections.

Most of all, I'm thankful for a complete change in tone in leadership from the feckless, reckless Obama economic, foreign and energy policies. Good things are coming in 2018!

UPDATE: Best thing about Trump is "His name is not 'Hillary Clinton.' "

Contrast Trump Standing With Iran Protesters to Obama Who Sided with the Mullahs and Terrorists!

Another example of the positive change in U.S. leadership!

Obama's appeasement failed utterly. Iran is more a threat to the region
and the world than ever before. Time to try something new!
Exactly eight years ago Iranians desperate for freedom and an end to the Muslim theocracy that has done so much to breed terror across the Middle East began a series of nationwide protests. As the Iranian regime began gunning down protesters in the streets. As the death toll mounted, protesters chanted "Obama are you with us or with them [the dictators]?" Mr. Hope'n Change, Mr. Nobel Peace Prize remained silent. Obama went further by cutting funding for pro-democracy groups in Iran. He clearly sided with the murderous terrorist government in Iran. For eight years of his presidency he showed he was desperate for a nuclear deal with Iran even to the point of obstructing justice by ignoring the terrorist Hezbollah drug cartel operating in the United States.

Obama got his nuclear deal and the billions in cash Obama sent as a payoff was used by Iran to fuel more terror throughout the region.

Now, eight years later new protests have broken out across Iran demanding regime change and Trump is not staying silent. Unlike Obama he's clearly on the side of those who oppose the radical Islamic theocracy:

Obama tossed away the chance to rid the world of the evil Iranian regime. Trump won't make that mistake!

P.S. Obama And Iran on Same Page in Egypt Anti-Mubarak Protests

Obama was not silent when radical Islamists took to the streets in Egypt to demand the ouster of long time President Hosni Mubarak. Like Iran, he favored the radical Muslim Brotherhood takeover and would later shun the counter revolution which fortunately swept them from power.

Iran too demanded that the protesters be listened to in Egypt:
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has called on political leaders in Egypt to follow the “rightful demands” of their people.

“Iran expects Egyptian officials to listen to the voice of their Muslim people, respond to their rightful demands and refrain from exerting violence by security forces and police against an Islamic wave of awareness that has spread through the country in form of a popular movement,” Mehmanparast said Saturday.

He further pointed out that Tehran attaches great importance to the fulfillment of public demands in Egypt and added, “Iran regards demonstrations by the Muslim people of this country as a justice-seeking movement in line with their national-religious demands.”
Obama was on the wrong side of history then. Not Trump!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Obama's Iraq/Isis Legacy: Tens of Thousands of Innocent Civilians Brutally Murdered. Trump Fixed the Problem in Less than One Year

Obama lacked both resolve and insight. Trump did not!

A sad story at the Daily Mail about the horror inflicted by ISIS on the people of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city which once boasted a population over 600,000. The story describes how the morgue was filled to overflowing with Iraqis murdered by ISIS and shows the near total destruction of many parts of that city:

Obama's legacy: Much of Iraq in ruins with tens of thousands of civilians murdered.
The blood lust of ISIS did not stop with the initial mass executions of Iraqis when ISIS seized the city in 2014. It continued until ISIS was forced to withdraw. The evil of ISIS fighters knew no bounds. They crucified children, enslaved women and beheaded men and boys without ceasing. That is when they weren't busy tossing people in acid baths, drowning them or setting them on fire.

The evil of ISIS could have been avoided if Obama had listened to military and civilian leaders. At the same time this outrage was taking place Obama claimed "The world is less violent than it has ever been."
History will remember how Obama ignored the threat of ISIS, calling it a "JV team" even as the terror took hold.  Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was among those warning Obama that a complete pull out from Iraq would lead to disaster. Obama ignored him.  And the strategy he put in place to deal with the problem had "not a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding" according to one General.

Obama's strategy involved dropping leaflets to warn of coming air strikes. ISIS took full advantage of Obama's weakness. At the same time, Michelle Obama waged a Twitter campaign to #bringbackourgirls taken by terrorists in Nigeria. Another empty gesture which had no effect. Obama's feckless, uncaring incompetence meant the loss of tens of thousands of innocent civilians who were murdered by ISIS.

One General describes the Obama problem this way:
“The rules of engagement under the Obama administration were onerous. I mean what are we doing having individual target determination being conducted in the White House, which in some cases adds weeks and weeks,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula, the former head of U.S. Air Force intelligence. “The limitations that were put on actually resulted in greater civilian casualties.”
Trump Fixes Obama's Mess. ISIS Loses 98% of Territory Gained Under Obama!

It took Trump less than a year to fix the problem caused by Obama.  He took the handcuffs off the U.S. military and along with better relationships with the Iraqis and other partners in the region ISIS has lost the caliphate it created under Obama. The Iraqis, Kurds, Syrians, Yazidis and others can now bury their dead in peace with no fear that ISIS will return.  At last we have a President in the White House who cares enough for innocent civilians to get the job done!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Standing Ovation for Trump and First Lady at Church for Christmas Eve Services

The fake news media and the left can't spin this. The PEOPLE love Trump!

Story at Gateway Pundit with video.

Millions of Americans are already better off after less than a year of Trump's presidency. Is it any wonder Dems are so desperate to stop him by any means including an unprecedented avalanche of lies?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Making Christmas Great Again: Santa Trump Takes Kiddies Calls on Christmas Eve

With passage of the Trump Tax plan, renewed economic prospects mean more for everyone!

NBC has video and Daily Mail has more photos. The Trump's played Santa and Mrs. Claus on Sunday answering the children's hotline on NORAD's Santa Tracker.

Santa Trump encouraged the children to expect better gifts this year and in the years ahead!


Trump's Tax Cut Christmas: Companies Shower Employees with Bonus and Pay Raises All Due to Tax Cuts

Dems would play Grinch and take it all away!

Even before Trump signed the Tax Cut bill America's businesses were coming forward to share the wealth like Democrats passing cash on election day the list of companies granting bonuses continues grow. And it's not just bonuses but a raise in the miniumum wage for many firms to $15 an hour. Something Democrats have long demanded.

But instead of cheering on the millions of workers who will get real and lasting tax relief in addition to pay raises, the Dems are their usual sourpuss selves! Even when they get EXACTLY what they want they can't be happy because it was Trump and the GOP who made it happen!

In one stroke of his pen President TRUMP shows he is Father Christmas to American workers while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would take it all away! How do you think that will play out in the 2018 midterm elections?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Former Obama Official Warned About Rhetoric by Rep. Steve Scalise who Survived Assassin's Bullets

Why is it Democrats NEVER take responsibility for their words while CONSTANTLY demanding that Republicans keep it civil?

Ben Rhodes was the Obama national security official who doctored the Benghazi talking points and is responsible for the big lie that a You Tube video was responsible for the attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

You would think after that whopper Rhodes would be more cautious with what he says. Responding to a tweet where another Obama stooge mused about Trump being indicted with the news on the front page of the New York Times Rhodes mused he'd also like to read about the deaths of other GOP leaders on the same page:

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) who nearly died after a deranged Democrat tried to murder the GOP softball team this summer responded:

But of course Democrats NEVER apologize for their over the top rhetoric even when it inspires violence as it has so often since Trump was elected. Dems have sold their soul to a vile political ideology of hate and fear.

Merry Christmas!

Dems Quake with Fear as GOP Unity Over Tax Cuts Shows What Trump Can Do Next!

Dems were so desperate to keep Americans from getting a tax cut while protecting tax cuts for the rich.  Success with tax bill means bigger and better to come!

For the last 30 years Republicans have been trying to pass tax reform for the American people. At every step along the way Democrats blocked the effort with the usual retort that it was "tax cuts for the rich."  How ironic then that in the final run up to passage of the landmark Trump tax reform that Democrat leaders like Pelosi and Schumer were demanding that tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires be preserved.  Well, I guess we know whose side they are on.

Beginning February 1, millions of Americans will see more money in their paycheck thanks to Trump and the Republicans.  Pelosi and Schumer fought hard to protect deductions for state and local taxes that ONLY benefited the rich. They lost. America won.

But let's put the champions of the richest 1% aside for a moment and bask in the glow of Trump and the GOP's tax success:

If you missed the event live, the video here is well worth the time. Just the optics of all these House and Senate Republican leaders gathering together and with unity praising Trump was something that should strike fear into the hearts of Democrats. What struck me first was Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, right up there with Trump. This comes just months after Trump bashed Murkowski for not supporting ObamaCare repeal. But Murkowski voted for this bill which not only included repeal of the hated ObamaCare mandate but also opened a very small sliver of the huge Arctic National Wildlife refuge to limited oil and gas exploration. That too was a goal of many decades.

Of all the praise for Trump the message from Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah was the best:

SENATOR HATCH: Well, Mr. President, I have to say that you’re living up to everything I thought you would. You’re one heck of a leader, and we’re all benefitting from it. This bill could not have passed without you. It couldn’t have passed without the Alaskan delegation. It couldn’t have passed without the leadership in the House and the Senate — Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell — and the other leaders as well.

All I can say is, is that we’re making headway. This is just the beginning. If you stop and think about it, this President hasn’t even been in office for a year, and look at all the things that he’s been able to get done — by sheer will, in many ways.

I just hope that we all get behind him every way we can, and we’ll get this country turned around in ways that will benefit the whole world, but, above all, benefit our people and bring us all to a realization of how really great America really is and how the rest of the world depends on us.

I love this country. I came from very humble roots. And I have to say, that this is one of the great privileges of my life to stand here on the White House lawn with the President of the United States, who I love and appreciate so much, and with these wonderful colleagues and Cabinet members who stand behind us.

And to see all of you and realize that you care too. All I can say is that God loves this country. We all know it. We wouldn’t be where we are without Him. And we love all of you. And we’re going to keep fighting, and we’re going to make this the greatest presidency that we’ve seen, not only in generations, but maybe ever.
Boeing and ATT lead the way in spreading the wealth!

In the immediate aftermath of the tax reform passage two of America's biggest companies are signaling that these are not "tax cuts for the rich" which Democrats defend, but will provide many more benefits to everyday working Americans.

The biggest worry for Democrats in all this isn't that they will be exposed for standing up for tax cuts for the rich, but that this demonstration of GOP unity will carry forward into the new year. Trump has learned how to lead his party and work with members of Congress. Nothing succeeds like success and Dems better watch out or get run over in 2018. As Trump said on the campaign trail, Americans are going to get used to winning again!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Obama Colluded W/ Putin and Obstructed Justice to Aid Iran/Hezbollah Terrorist Drug Cartel

Unlike the bogus Trump/Russia charge, we have PROOF of what Obama did!

What do you imagine Democrats would do if Trump had colluded with Vladimir Putin to allow Hezbollah and Iranian terrorists to gain access to the U.S. to sell drugs? It would be news 24/7 on the cable channels and headlines in every major newspaper.

Well, Obama did just that and there's hardly a peep. An explosive 14,000 word 60 page report in Politico details it all and shows how the Obama Administration kowtowed to Putin's demands and then told Drug Enforcement Agency personnel to back off investigations of drug running by Hezbollah. The trouble went further as the Obama Administration refused to request extradition for known Hezbollah and Iranian terrorists who were held by allies. This has Obama, Hillary and Attorney General Holder's fingerprints all over it!

Obama did it all for an Iranian nuke deal, in addition to billions in cash and other payoffs to the Iranians. A bad deal all the way around.

Read the Politico report by Josh Meyer for yourself. Here are the opening paragraphs:
In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.

The campaign, dubbed Project Cassandra, was launched in 2008 after the Drug Enforcement Administration amassed evidence that Hezbollah had transformed itself from a Middle East-focused military and political organization into an international crime syndicate that some investigators believed was collecting $1 billion a year from drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities.

Over the next eight years, agents working out of a top-secret DEA facility in Chantilly, Virginia, used wiretaps, undercover operations and informants to map Hezbollah’s illicit networks, with the help of 30 U.S. and foreign security agencies.

They followed cocaine shipments, some from Latin America to West Africa and on to Europe and the Middle East, and others through Venezuela and Mexico to the United States. They tracked the river of dirty cash as it was laundered by, among other tactics, buying American used cars and shipping them to Africa. And with the help of some key cooperating witnesses, the agents traced the conspiracy, they believed, to the innermost circle of Hezbollah and its state sponsors in Iran.

They followed cocaine shipments, tracked a river of dirty cash, and traced what they believed to be the innermost circle of Hezbollah and its state sponsors in Iran.

But as Project Cassandra reached higher into the hierarchy of the conspiracy, Obama administration officials threw an increasingly insurmountable series of roadblocks in its way, according to interviews with dozens of participants who in many cases spoke for the first time about events shrouded in secrecy, and a review of government documents and court records. When Project Cassandra leaders sought approval for some significant investigations, prosecutions, arrests and financial sanctions, officials at the Justice and Treasury departments delayed, hindered or rejected their requests.

The Justice Department declined requests by Project Cassandra and other authorities to file criminal charges against major players such as Hezbollah’s high-profile envoy to Iran, a Lebanese bank that allegedly laundered billions in alleged drug profits, and a central player in a U.S.-based cell of the Iranian paramilitary Quds force. And the State Department rejected requests to lure high-value targets to countries where they could be arrested.
Trump haters insist President Trump obstructed Justice with the firing of FBI Director Jim Comey. But here we have multiple reports of criminal investigations being derailed by Obama, Hillary and Holder. As well as colluding with Putin. Will Trump hating Dems now demand Obama, Hillary and Holder be held to the same standard?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Trump Hating Fake News Epidemic: If Trump Was REALLY This Bad, Why Does the Media Have to LIE About Him?

So sad that many on the left are addicted to lies and hate. But apparently, that's all they have!

Last week we reached a new low with Trump hating fake news. First, the phony charge that indicted former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn had contacts with the Russians BEFORE the 2016 election. Ooops. Not true!

Then the report that Trump's banking arrangements were under subpoena. Fake news again.

Next, the claim that Wikileaks gave the Trump campaign a secret look at Hillary's emails. No one bothered to check the date on the email showing it was sent AFTER the documents had been made public.

Details at Axios.

There's a list of other examples which is long and growing.

A common thread running through all these reports is sensational reporting that would undermine Trump but where the careful checking which would have exposed the lie was ignored in a rush to target Trump.

If they weren't such ignorant and arrogant haters, you might actually feel sorry for the Trump hating fools who swallow this stuff then repeat it as if it were fact. They sold their souls for a lie and now they have to live with the consequences!

UPDATE:  Now CNN Admits Attorney General Sessions did NOT lie about his contacts with Russia. OOPS AGAIN! CNN reporters should be in jail for lying!

Obama and Dems Have More Blood on Their Hands After Another Open Borders Refugee Goes Jihad in New York City

If Trump's immigration policy had been fully enacted these monsters would NOT be entering the U.S. legally!

Another terrorist attack in New York. Fortunately, not deadly as the previous one. The one thing both attackers had in common was that they benefited from the open doors immigration policy of the previous Administration. Here's what Homeland Security had to say:

Some on the left claim that this clown only went jihad after Trump announced the move of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. More fake news as we learn that he had been planning the attack for years!

Of course that won't stop the Trump haters. They'll just glom on to the next bit of fake news. That's all they've got.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Appoint Special Prosecutor to Investigate Corrupt FBI Investigations of Hillary and Trump

Dems should embrace the call. Unless they KNOW there is something to hide!

I don't know how many times I have been told by our left wing friends that yeah, there is no evidence of any Trump Russia collusion but we need to investigate anyway to make sure.  OK, so we have a Special Prosecutor to do just that.

Now we learn that one of the key investigators in that investigation was fired after his extreme partisan bias in favor of Hillary and hating Trump was exposed.  Furthermore we discover that fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok was a key player in an active effort to help Hillary avoid criminal prosecution in the email case and was key to prosecuting Trump officials.

Is it possible that a partisan Democrat abused his position and corrupted two of the most politically charged cases the FBI has handled in recent years?  There are serious questions that need answers.

Jospeph Curl at the Washington Times summarizes the issue:
Mr. Mueller was sold to America as an above-the-fray, non-partisan elder with the gravitas to handle investigating the president of the United States. As it turns out, Mr. Mueller has put together a pack of partisan lawyers, many of whom contributed campaign cash to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats; stonewalled demands from House lawmakers for information; and, most recently, secretly demoted a heavily biased FBI agent who’s a hater of President Trump.
Then the shoes kept dropping — like Imelda Marcos having a yard sale. It turns out Mr. Strzok was one of former FBI Director James B. Comey’s top lieutenants. From that perch, he played a key role in the early probe of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

But then it was revealed that before that, Mr. Strzok led the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal and sat in on her “interview” with the Bureau (during which she was not under oath and for which no transcript or tape has ever been produced). And Mr. Strzok also led interviews with all of Mrs. Clinton’s top aides: Heather Mills, Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan and Heather Samuelson.


“Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey’s earlier draft language describing Clinton’s actions as ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless,’ the sources said,” CNN reported. (Good job, Clinton News Network!)

But wait, there’s more. Much more.

Mr. Strzok was a “key figure in the chain of events when the bureau, in 2016, received the infamous anti-Trump ‘dossier’ and launched a counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the election that ultimately came to encompass FISA surveillance of a Trump campaign associate,” Fox News reported.
Mr. Strzok interviewed former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who last week pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. On Jan. 24, Mr. Strzok and another agent interviewed Flynn, according to an intelligence official.

So Mr. Strzok just happened to be everywhere, his fingerprints on everything — Trump, Hillary, the dossier, Flynn. Quite a coincidence.
And from Paul Sperry at the New York Post:
Both the Senate and House are seeking the bureau’s FISA affidavits to determine to what extent they relied on the dirty Clinton dossier. But the FBI is stonewalling their requests. It’s also blocking FOIA requests by Page, who last month denied the dossier’s charges under oath, calling them politically motivated.

The FBI didn’t just target Page. It also targeted other Trump advisers. In fact, Strzok personally grilled Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn about his Russian ties at the White House just days after Flynn took office.

Last week, Mueller filed charges against Flynn for lying to Strzok about his contacts with the Russian ambassador during the presidential transition.

Strzok monitored intercepts of the Russian Embassy and already knew what Flynn and the Russian ambassador had discussed. So why did he need to ask him about what he already knew? Was he trying to trap him in a lie? Also, who leaked the intercepts to the press?
In other words, a partisan Democrat was at the very center of the FBI in the two most politically charged cases the Bureau has faced in many years and it is possible he abused his position and also corrupted others. But we need more evidence so I'll go back to my liberal friends and ask them to join in calling for a Special Prosecutor to determine the truth.  Surely they won't object!

UPDATE:  Read Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett's column. Mueller investigation hopelessly corrupted with MORE biased prosecutors and investigators. Time to clean house!

Monday, December 04, 2017

FBI Investigator at Heart of Hillary Email and Trump Russia Investigations Removed from Trump Case for Political Bias

It's not really surprising. There are a great number of people on the Trump investigation who support Hillary!

Peter Storzk, who played a key role in both the Hillary email and Trump Russia investigations was removed by Special Counsel Mueller after it was learned he had expressed Trump hating texts and pro-Hillary messages to another investigator.

Storzk also played a key role in promoting the infamous Trump Russia dossier, bought and paid for by the Hillary Campaign and which was used to launch an investigation of Trump.

But this fired FBI investigator isn't the only pro-Hillary Trump hater on Mueller's team. It's further proof of how corrupted the FBI and Department of Justice have have become in addition to Mueller's investigation.

Department of Justice Inspector General is investigating and one hopes that report won't be long in coming but has the damage already been done?

ABC News Suspends Reporter Brian Ross After He Televises Fake News Reports About Trump Russia Collusion

More fake news as ABC's Brian Ross broadcast a report claiming that Trump instructed Michael Flynn to approach Russia BEFORE the election which might have indicated collusion between his campaign and Russia. Just one thing, it never happened. Ross has been suspended by the network.

Ross is also famous for rushing to the airwaves after the Aurora Colorado cinema shooting and speculating whether the shooter was a member of the Tea Party. That too was fake news.

In both cases the damage was done and the retractions never get the attention that the original false report does.

Just to repeat, there is NO EVIDENCE of any Trump Russia collusion. Even the recent indictment of Michael Flynn failed to find even a hint of any evidence to support that claim. But that won't stop the Trump haters from continuing to propagate the lies. That's all they have!

Friday, December 01, 2017

Dem Plays Race Card to Defend Conyers on Sexual Harrassment

Rep. James Clyburn noted Conyers accusers are white women and  suggested white women lie!

Can you imagine the hell that would break loose if a white Republican suggested that sexual harassment charges against a fellow white Republican might be bogus because the accusers are black and black women lie?

But apparently, if you are a black Democrat, then making such outrageous and racially charged comments are just fine. Talk about a war on women!
Clyburn later denied saying it and you know, a white guy reported it so he must be lying too right?

Two More Women Accuse Franken

Clyburn and House Democrats later said Conyers should resign. But in the U.S. Senate hardly a whisper as two more women accuse Franken. That's six so far.

Since the white women lie defense was so poorly received I doubt Franken will try it. Seems he's willing to just stay in hiding and hope no one notices a sexual predator prowling the halls of the U.S. Senate.

A commenter here at Mike's America has dismissed the allegations against Franken saying that it is nothing more than "fratboy" behavior. I wonder if Roy Moore has tried that ploy?

P.S. Conyers Wife Plays Race Card.

When reporters gathered outside embattled Dem Rep. Conyers(D-MI) home his wife didn't like it and accused reporters of stalking her family because they were black.

“Do you go and stalk white people’s houses or just come to the black neighborhoods and stalk our houses?”

Racism on open display!

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