Sunday, October 31, 2010

Voters in Ohio Say: "OBAMA GO HOME!"

Sad to see how a once great political figure has allowed himself to become so diminished!
Thin Crowd for Cleveland Campaign Rally

By Sheryl Gay Stohlberg
New York Times
Oct. 31, 2010

CLEVELAND — President Obama wrapped up a weekend of last-minute campaigning in Ohio on Sunday, addressing Democrats in an indoor arena that, in a sign of the “enthusiasm gap” that the president is working so hard to close, was little more than half full.

About 8,000 people attended the Democratic National Committee’s Moving America Forward’ rally at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center, a hall where the capacity is 13,000. The rafters were largely empty.
Maybe voters, particularly those in Ohio where Obama has visited over and over and over are just sick and tired of hearing him complain about Republicans and make the same tired excuses on why his "hope and change" routine has been replaced by fear and loathing!

On a related matter, an AP poll of former Obama voters shows that 47% say he deserves to be defeated in 2012!

Palin: "Corrupt Bastards" In Alaska Media Attempt to Fabricate Election Swaying Smear on Joe Miller in Senate Race

This is the tip of a very large iceberg of corruption going on in the "news" media nationwide to smear conservatives!

Late last night news from Alaska broke showing how news reporters at KTVA, the local CBS station in Anchorage, Alaska, openly conspired to slant the news regarding a rally for U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller(R) in such as way as to smear the candidate and his campaign and possibly sway the election.

Big Government has the full story of a phone message left for Miller's campaign by the KTVA News Director who fails to properly disconnect the call and is heard discussing ways with his reporters on how they might smear Miller. From Big Government, we have the phone audio and a transcript:

Audio KTVA -

Listen as the reporters laugh at the idea of finding child molesters supporting Joe Miller or hoping for some chaos at the rally so they can slant the news. KTVA General Manager has confirmed that the audio is accurate, but made a very lame attempt to deny any impropriety.

In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday (excerpt and full interview on Right Scoop) former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin described the conduct of these reporters as that of "corrupt bastards." Sadly, this kind of thing is all too common in newsrooms across the country where reporters actively seek to discredit conservatives and put Democrat candidates in the best light possible.

Yet, it's amazing that even with this kind of active campaign directed at smearing conservatives that we still win anyway. I guess the voters aren't as dumb as Obama and the Dems would make us out to be. But just imagine what would happen if we had a level playing field across all media? Conservatives would win practically everywhere. And that's something these "corrupt bastards" will do ANYTHING to prevent.

Who is the REAL Hitler?

Obama's Desperate Election Eve Plea for Unity Answered by Future Speaker John Boehner

The man who will replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker will now have to deal with the two faces of Obama!

In Obama's Saturday Radio Address he made another empty appeal for unity. Saying that what most voters wanted was  "hope [] that once this election is over, the folks you choose to represent you will put the politics aside for a while, and work together to solve problems. That’s my hope, too." Later he said "I believe it’s the fundamental responsibility of all who hold elective office to seek out common ground."

Back to to the old "hope and change?" the Post Partisan President?

Not so fast. Later in the same speech he went right back to attacking Republicans:
OBAMA: I found the recent comments by the top two Republican in Congress [] troubling. The Republican leader of the House actually said that “this is not the time for compromise.” And the Republican leader of the Senate said his main goal after this election is simply to win the next one. 
Anyone who has been paying attention will recall that Obama has been attacking anyone who dares to oppose his policies from the moment he took office. Readers may recall that days after he was sworn in Obama dismissed GOP ideas for the stimulus by telling GOP leaders "I won." Since then, he's undertaken a never ending series of attacks starting with Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and the Tea Parties. Last week, Obama urged Hispanic voters to "punish their enemies." Hardly the kind of language you would expect from someone who was trying to rise above partisanship.

Obama has also made it personal by singling out the future Speaker John Boehner. In a speech he delivered in Ohio in September Obama attacked Boehner EIGHT TIMES .

Obama's empty words about working in a bipartisan fashion mean as little now as they did when he wooed Independent voters in the 2008 election. But now, those voters have seen who and what he really is and they are voting overwhelmingly to send the GOP to stop Obama from making a bigger mess than the one he claims he found when he took office.

Boehner's Better Way

The GOP Weekly Radio Address was delivered by John Boehner, the House GOP Leader who is expected to be elected Speaker following a GOP takeover of the House of Representatives:

The New Way Forward
By John Boehner

October 30, 2010

“Before I served in Congress, I ran a small business here in Ohio, and I saw first-hand how politicians in Washington can make it harder for small employers to meet a payroll and create jobs.

“In the final days of the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama promised to ‘change this country and change the world.’

“Well I don’t know about the world, but here at home, Americans haven’t experienced the change President Obama promised. One in ten of our fellow citizens is out of work. Our national debt has grown by $3 trillion Trust in government has fallen to an all-time low.

“These problems didn’t start under President Obama. But instead of fixing them, his policies have made them worse. A ‘stimulus’ spending spree that created jobs in China and El Salvador, while millions of Americans lost their jobs here. A job-killing national energy tax. A government takeover of health care.

“All these things have combined to create massive uncertainty for small businesses, the engine of job creation in America, while our children face a future clouded by debt.

“Americans are demanding a new way forward in Washington – an approach that neither party has tried.

“It starts with cutting spending instead of increasing it; making government smaller and more accountable; and helping small businesses get back to creating jobs again.

“That’s what Republicans are offering with our Pledge to America, a governing agenda built by listening to the people.

“A generation of fiscal recklessness in Washington has pushed us to the brink. Just to stay afloat, we’re now borrowing 41 cents of every dollars we spend from our kids and grandkids.

“This spending spree threatens our children’s future. It’s also hurting our economy. Americans know it has to stop, and our Pledge to America puts forth a plan to do just that. We’re ready to cut spending to pre-‘stimulus,’ pre-bailout levels, saving taxpayers $100 billion almost immediately. And we’re ready to put in place strict budget caps that limit spending from here on out, to ensure that Washington is no longer on this spending binge.

“We need to stop the coming tax hike. We can’t balance the budget without cutting spending and achieving real economic growth – and we won’t have real economic growth if we raise taxes on small businesses and families.

“There’s a third thing we need to do to help our economy, and that’s change Congress itself. The American people are in charge of this country, and they deserve a Congress that acts like it. Americans should have three days to read all bills before Congress votes on them – something they didn’t get when the ‘stimulus’ was rushed into law. We should put an end to so-called ‘comprehensive’ bills that make it easy to hide wasteful spending projects and job-killing policies. Bills should be written by legislators in committee in plain public view – not written in the Speaker’s office, behind closed doors.

“Across our nation, Americans are looking at President Obama’s policies and asking – ‘where are the jobs?’ To help our economy get back on track, we have to stop all of the coming tax hikes and cut spending – and to cut spending, we need to change Congress itself.

“This is a new way forward that hasn’t been tried in Washington yet. It’s a break from the direction in which President Obama has taken our country. And frankly, it’s also a break from the direction in which Republicans were headed when Americans last entrusted us with the reins of government. The American people are in charge, and they deserve nothing less.

“Together, we can do these things. And in doing so, we can begin the drive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government that honors our Constitution and respects the will of the people.

“These ideas are at the core of our Pledge to America.

“We’ve tried it President Obama’s way. We’ve tried it Washington’s way. It hasn’t worked. It’s time to put the people back in charge.

“Thank you for your time and may God bless the United States of America."
I would just add to what Boehner said: It's time to put the adults back in charge.

Last week, Obama told Republicans they would have to "sit in the back." Obviously he continues to refuse to understand that WE, THE PEOPLE, are in charge, not him!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Al Queda's October Surprise?

Will Obama now switch from urging Hispanic voters to "punish" Republican "enemies" to targeting the REAL enemy?

It's too soon to sort out the facts of Friday's alleged terrorist plot. But coming just days before an election in which Democrats are expected to face near historic losses, the question of a possible political component to these events is natural.

In Obama's statement to the press late this afternoon he did urge "defeat" of Al Queda. A word he doesn't often use in reference to terrorists. But his statement seemed to have less passion than his campaign rhetoric of late which has painted the GOP in much harsher terms than Al Queda.

For now, Mike's America will keep an eye on events as we learn more about any possible plot to attack. I do note however, that already during Obama's time in office the number of attacks in the United States has risen sharply over the number of plots foiled by the Bush Administration following the September 11, 2001 attack.

Battle for the Senate: Final Poll Roundup

GOP takeover still a longshot!

Note: Polling graphs below are live linked to Real Clear Politics and will update automatically with new polls.

The last batch of polls for election 2010 have been coming in to Real Clear Politics fast and furious. The RCP map for senate contests (click state for race report) has six tossup races in PA, WV, CO, NV, WA and IL. If the GOP wins all six, they take control of the Senate.

If you look at the individual polls for each race, you'll notice that the results vary, sometimes widely. Hence, the RCP averages. One thing is clear, many of these races have become incredibly tight and well within the margin of error for individual polls. That means anything could happen on election day. It all depends on which side is more effective in turning out the vote and that is one area where the GOP is expected to have a strong advantage (though that strength also varies by state). Also, keep in mind that in close races, the impact of voter fraud or Democrat attempts to manipulate vote totals in their favor becomes a factor.

First the Bad News

In West Virginia, where Republican John Raese was once ahead, all recent polls show Democrat Manchin with a lead (RCP average, sorry, no graph). Though the most recent poll, Rasmussen, shows Manchin with only a three point lead which is close enough to be overcome in the final days. See the ad below that Raese is running in WV reminding voters of how Manchin once embraced Pelosi and Obama.

In California (click for list of polls), the race between Fiorina(R) and Boxer(D) had been much closer. Fiorina was in the hospital this week with an infection which certainly didn't help.

Nail Biting Time

In Washington state, the race between Rossi(R) and Murray(D) suddenly got tight again with polls either tied or a one or two point difference. The recent turndown in support for Murray is good news for Rossi in the closing days:

Slightly better news, but still way too close for comfort, in Colorado where Ken Buck has a razor thin lead in most polls.

Better News

My #1 top priority race is the Nevada senate contest where Sharron Angle is looking better by the day. What every campaign wants to see is a line pointing sharply UP with an advantage that is growing over the opponent right before voting day:

In Illinois, the race got very tight a few weeks ago. Now it appears Kirk(R) is restoring his early lead with what could be a strong finish:

Republican Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania has also restored an earlier lead but still too close to the margin of error:

In Kentucky Republican Rand Paul appears to be pulling away from Mr. Smear Ad, Jack Conway(D):

Marco Rubio(R) saw a dip in his steady lead over both Crist(I) and Meek(D)in two polls recently. But there is every expectation that he will prevail with a strong victory on November 2nd:

Unfortunately, we might see a situation where we lose control of the Senate by ONE seat. If so, some Delaware voters may regret dumping the RINO Castle. They may have the communist Coons in his place and the Dems running the show!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Vote for ANY Democrat is a Vote for Obama, Reid and Pelosi!

Don't buy the ads where Dems promise to be different....this time!

In North Dakota, nine term Democrat Congressman Earl Pomeroy is running an ad called "Introduce" as if the voters in his district didn't know him by now. In the ad, Pomeroy huffs "I'm not Nancy Pelosi, I'm not Barack Obama, I'm Earl Pomeroy."

Yet according to the Washington Post congressional vote by party database, good ole independent Earl voted with Nancy Pelosi 97.5% of the time in 1514 votes in the 111th Congress. That includes Pomeroy's vote in favor of Obama Care.

Voters in North Dakota may have been fooled by Earl's homey performances before, but they're wise to the game now and can be expected to vote instead for state Rep. Rick Berg (R).

Why vote for a part time conservative when you can have the real deal?

In Georgia Ray McKinney (R) is running for the 12th Congressional District seat currently held by Democrat John Barrow who votes with Nancy Pelosi 94.4% of the time. Yet Barrow has the nerve to tell voters in his district he's conservative. This ad by Ray McKinney shows Barrow agreeing time after time with McKinney's position on the issues.

Like many Democrats, Barrow is only a conservative right before an election and reverts back to voting with the liberals just as soon as he gets re-elected.

Raese reminds WV voters who Manchin REALLY is!

In the Senate race in West Virginia, we're coming down to the wire in what looks to be one of the closest races this year. Joe Manchin, the popular Democrat Governor has taken a slight lead over John Raese (R) in the final weeks. In the following ad Raese reminds voters that no matter how much they like Manchin as Governor and despite his promises to be independent, if he gets to Washington he'll fall right in line with the Obama agenda. This ad, uses Manchin's own words that may come back to haunt him:

Don't be fooled. Democrat's voting records don't lie. Once in office, they'll do what Obama tells them to do!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama Makes the Case for Republican Sweep Next Tuesday

He often does a better job of motivating GOP voters than party leaders do!

With one week to go before the November 2nd election, President Obama appeared Tuesday on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show and said this:

OBAMA: "My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out."

Republicans who have had a hard time in these last weeks enunciating a national message to motivate their voters as to what this election is all about just got another huge boost from Obama. Now, in all those races across the country where Democrats are claiming to be independent and promising to restore fiscal sanity they've just been blindsided by Obama. A vote for ANY Democrat for federal office is a vote for more of the same radical, extreme, liberal agenda that so many voters have rebelled against since Obama took office.

WSJ report: Democrat unions outspend GOP groups
Obama also undercut the message he and Democrats have been trying to build up to explain away what is expected to be a huge loss next Tuesday. First it was an attack on the Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads who are spending big on this year's election (but not as big as Democrat labor unions- see right).

Then Obama said the voters were too "scared" to make the right choice.

Obama's already come up with plenty of excuses to explain away the looming defeat as not his fault. But with the statement above, he makes a direct connection between people's vote on Tuesday and the Obama policies we have all found so reckless and disturbing.

But never fear. Despite Obama's admission that this election IS a referendum on his presidency and agenda, we can expect Obama to flip back to blaming the Republicans, and probably former President Bush somehow, the minute the results are in. And I'm sure he'll find plenty of parrots in the "news" media ready to take up the chant!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reflecting on Nancy Pelosi's Promise of "No Deficit Spending"

Like so many of the Mini-Pelosis running for office this year, we have to look at their record, not their rhetoric!

I heard a radio ad for a Republican candidate running for Congress in Georgia and he described how the Democrat incumbent of that office became "a conservative for eight weeks every two years right before the election." We've already seen dozens of Democrats in the past weeks claim to be independent or fiscal conservatives despite their voting records which show that nearly all vote with Nancy Pelosi more than 90% of the time.

With that in mind, I found this video clip from Nancy Pelosi's inaugural address as House Speaker in January 2007 (yes, despite what Obama would have you believe, Democrats have been in charge of the Congress since 2007... the Senate too):

Pelosi: "No new deficit spending!" January 4, 2007

Ah, but three years later, the Dems record has caught up with them:

In 2008 at least we had President Bush in the White House to restrain Democrat spending somewhat. But since Obama took over we've had two record deficits in a row with well over $1 trillion each.

On a sidenote: Of course we have to take Pelosi's promises with a grain of salt. Remember when she promised that passing the health care bill would create millions of jobs with "400,000 jobs almost immediately?" Some enterprising blogger spliced those words with a laugh clip of Bill Clinton with Boris Yeltsin. If you need a laugh, check it out.

Do you really think Democrats promising fiscal restraint can be trusted? Just look at their record!

More Harsh, Bitter Rhetoric from Obama

How does he expect to work with Republicans and govern when he persists in attacking and insulting half the country?
It was just a few months ago during the debate over Obama Care that President Obama and senior Democrats were warning those protesting against the Democrat plan to watch their language and not engage in any overheated rhetoric. In the commencement address he delivered at the University of Michigan in May, Obama he warned that vocal opposition to his policies:"coarsens our culture, and at its worst, it can send signals to the most extreme elements of our society that perhaps violence is a justifiable response."

Yet how many times in the past few weeks have we seen Obama himself use rhetoric that has a component of implied violence or threat? In the first week of October he warned that a GOP takeover of Congress would mean "hand-to-hand combat."

On Monday, in an interview with a Spanish language network Obama urged Latinos to "punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends." Punish? Enemies? Is this presidential behavior? What kind of punishment is he encouraging Latinos to mete out to their "enemies?"

And then there are the insults. Last week at a Democrat fundraiser Obama suggested that voters don't appreciate all the good things he has done for them because they are "scared" and not thinking clearly.

Also on Monday, Obama used his shopworn car in the ditch metaphor with an audience in Rhode Island. But he added something new. He said that once he gets the car out of the ditch, Republicans were welcome to ride but would have to "sit in the back" [video].

Imagine what would happen if ANY Republican running for office, let alone a GOP presidential candidate, had suggested Obama sit in the back of the bus or attempted to fire up his voters by telling them to "punish enemies" or threatened to engage in "hand to hand combat?" We all know the firestorm that would erupt in the "news" media. But this is Obama and apparently he can say or do anything without much more than a whisper in the press.

We're a long way from the days when Obama promised that his election would mean "good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." It's a long fall from such soaring rhetoric to "punish enemies," "hand to hand combat" and telling half the country to "sit in the back!"

Do we have a President of the United States in the White House or a Thug in Chief?

Marco Rubio Makes Reaganesque Closing Argument in FL Senate Race

Rubio is living proof of the American Dream and why it must be defended!
Thinking of Reagan, as we do in the article below, conservatives are constantly searching for a genuine successor to that great American. Someone who understands Reagan's positive vision for America's future and for whom that vision is personal and alive.

Marco Rubio, the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Florida embodies those qualities in ways that few, if any, other politicians on the horizon do. And he expresses those values in ways that are, well, Reaganesque; and genuinely so.

Below is Rubio's closing argument in the senate race. Entitled 'A Generational Choice' it's a reminder that the freedoms we enjoy are never secure without our constant vigilance.

Marco Rubio: “America’s the greatest country in the world. But it didn’t get that way by accident. And it won’t stay that way automatically.

“Every single generation before us has been asked to make sacrifices. Some went to war. Others survived depressions. But every American generation confronted the great challenges of their time, and because they did, we live the life we do today.

“So now we are faced with a world as dangerous and as uncertain as ever. Trillions in foreign debt. Unsustainable federal spending. And an ever-growing government that wants us to be more like the rest of the world, than the other way around.

“These challenges are so consequential, so generational, that we can’t afford typical politicians who will say or do anything or fall for the same false attacks they recycle almost every election.

“It’s very clear. If we stay on this road Washington has us on right now, we will risk the essence of what makes us exceptional. We will lose what makes us unique.

“I know this because this idea about America being exceptional is not something I read in a book. As the son of exiles, my parents were born into a society pretty much like every other in the world where if you’re not from the right family or with enough money you can only go so far.

“And that is a very different place from our America – a place where the son of bartender doesn’t have to become a bartender and where the son of a maid can achieve any dream.

“So now we’re being asked whether we want to keep all that or whether we want to become more like the place my parents came from.

“And that’s why I’m running for the Senate. To change the direction Washington is taking our country so that my four children can be a part of one of the great generations in American history. And so that you and I can do as every American generation before us has done and pass on the single greatest society in all of mankind.
In the last few weeks, Rubio's lead in the senate race (RCP polls) has stabilized and it can be expected that he will win by a substantial margin a week from now. That shouldn't surprise anyone. The only question I have is: how long will we have to wait before Rubio runs for President?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Win One More for the Gipper

Ronald Reagan will smile from above this November!

Photo by Mike's America as President Reagan speaks aboard the "Ferdinand Magellan" in Perrysburg, Ohio in 1984. See more Mike's America Reagan photos and recollections here.

The morning after the 1988 presidential election I stood in the White House Rose Garden as President Reagan thanked the staff who had worked so hard to help George H.W. Bush win a resounding victory over Democrat Michael Dukakis.

I remembered on the campaign trail how President Reagan had invoked the dying wish of George Gipp the Notre Dame football player whom Reagan memorialized in the film "Knute Rockne All American." In the film, Reagan repeats Gipp’s famous words: "Some day when the team is up against it… ask them to go in there with all they've got and win just one for the Gipper. I don't know where I'll be then, but I'll know about it and I'll be happy."

As the President finished speaking and turned to go back into the Oval Office I shouted out, ala ABC’s Sam Donaldson, “That was one for the Gipper.” The President returned to the podium and proceeded to regale us with another of his famous George Gipp stories.

22 years later I’m thinking of that moment and of Reagan’s conservative legacy of smaller taxes and less government that is at the heart of the nationwide movement to restore this country starting November 2nd.

We’re up against a tough team of committed big government/big union ideologues who will say anything and stop at nothing to push through their harmful and irresponsible agenda.

Talk to your family, friends and associates. Make sure they vote. Tell them: Let’s win one more for the Gipper!

Audio: Reagan portrays George Gipp in his deathbed speech in Knute Rockne All American.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Holding on to Harry Reid's Nevada Senate Seat is Top Obama Priority

Politico: "Of all the races in the country this year, none is as important to President Barack Obama as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s reelection campaign. The race carries unrivaled symbolism for Obama, who would emerge even more politically wounded than anticipated if Republicans defeat his top Democrat in the Senate."

It's clear Obama and the Democrats have made the Nevada Senate race their Ground Zero for containing the political damage expected ten days from now.Of course it doesn't help when Obama campaigned for Reid in Nevada this week and said: "Harry kind of speaks in a very soft voice. He doesn't move very quickly. He doesn't give stem-winding speeches."

Sharron Angle also recognizes the role Obama intends to play in this race and she put out this ad to Nevada voters to remind them of a few things they probably haven't forgotten:

So many promises, so many failures to deliver!

This is the image Nevada voters need to keep in mind as they cast their vote:
Obama and Harry Reid hug at 2010 campaign event.
How'd that "hope and change" work out for Nevada?

In Two Years Obama Moves from Hope and Change to Fear and Scare

He is practicing the very same kind of politics he campaigned against in 2008!

It's pretty bad when even the Los Angeles Times notices the dramatic change in Obama's speeches and tactics from 2008. The man who promised to unite the country with a new kind of post partisan politics is now resorting to the worst kind of scare tactics.

The Times contrasts two of Obama's speeches. The first in Portland Oregon in May of 2008 was trumpeted by the media as a "record" crowd of 75,000. That speech was all hope and change. Contrast that with Obama's appearance last Wednesday in Portland Oregon speaking to an audience of 10,000 Democrats (the Times neglected to cite the size of the crowd in their story):
In two years, a fearful turn in Obama's speeches
The message in Portland in 2008 was hope. The president returns to talk about mistrust and threats.By Peter Nicholas and Christi Parsons, Tribune Washington Bureau
Los Angeles TimesOctober 22, 2010

Reporting from Portland, Ore. — With the 2008 Democratic primary race all but won, Barack Obama appeared at a massive outdoor rally here and delivered a message that was unique by the cutthroat standards of American political campaigns.

"We're not going to worry about what other folks are doing," Obama told a crowd of 75,000 at the waterfront event in May 2008. "We're going to try to focus on what we think we can do for America."

Obama returned to Portland on Wednesday night and delivered a different sort of speech. His message of national unity and reconciliation had been replaced by a stark warning against cynical Republican tactics, vague threats to America's political system and the urgent need to keep the GOP marginalized.

There was less hope, more fear.
Obama in Portland suggested that "foreign-controlled corporations" were bankrolling a "misleading, negative" ad campaign that serves Republicans, but offered no evidence.

"We don't know," he said.

Whereas his 2008 speech said that Americans needed to "start trusting each other again, start working together again," he said at the Oregon Convention Center rally this week that even if Republicans cooperate more with the White House, they would be forced to "sit in the back seat."

Two years ago, he said Americans are "tired of a politics that's all about tearing each other down." On Wednesday, he painted a grim picture of life under Republican leadership: The chronically ill, the unemployed, the student who can't afford college tuition — all would be cut "loose to fend for themselves."
In 2008 Obama lied to the American people by selling a false vision of himself and who he was. Now that he's been exposed, he has no where left to turn but to the same vile politics he once denounced!

Want some real change FOR THE BETTER? Vote Republican in 2010 and 2012!

More Proof Liberals Will Say ANYTHING to Get Elected!

Congressman Moran (D)VA disrespects opponents 24 years of service in U.S. Military!

Rep. Jim Moran has represented the 8th Congressional District (mostly suburbs of Washington, D.C.) for over 20 years. He's known as one of the nastiest, most partisan and corrupt Democrats around. He went so far last year as to say that Republicans running in Virginia in 2009 would be on the "Taliban ticket" if they lived in Afghanistan.

His opponent this time around is Patrick Murray (R) a 24 year veteran of the U.S. Army. Moran is out to slam him just as bad. In appearance he accused Republicans in general and Murray in particular of having no record of public service.

Here's the video clip with Murray's response:

Isn't it time Democrats like Moran stop lying to the American people about their opponents? Well, I guess when they can't run on THEIR RECORD of public service, all they are left with is lying about their opponent!

Friday, October 22, 2010

GOP Senate Takeover Moving Out of Reach?

Trend in favor of Dems last week continues!
In a new Rasmussen poll released today, 51% of those responding said they "would like their vote to turn control of both the Senate and the House over to the Republican Party." 42% disagree. That matches much of the generic ballot polling (RCP average) we've seen the past few months.

Their remains every indication that the big wave many of us expect continues to sweep House races where more and more Democrats are vulnerable. But earlier GOP advances in a slew of vital Senate races seem to be evaporating. Last week, I first posted on this trend and instead of abating, the trend in favor of Democrats has spread to include the once thought safe race in Pennsylvania where Pat Toomey (R) had been comfortably ahead of Joe "Job Gate" Sestak.

Here's the latest map from Real Clear Poltics. Check the latest RCP list of Senate polls here.

Visit Real Clear Politics and click on individual states for race details.

I know it's easy to dismiss some polls as being an inaccurate reflection of the voter's intention, but that's why the RCP averages are so important. They smooth out the bad polls. Let's not kid ourselves, many of these Senate races are now tightening to the point where for all practical purposes they are tied.

And we now, when there's a close race Dems have a habit of "finding" the votes they need, so be warned!

There's another old rule of politics: you don't want to peak too soon. We may find that in some of these races, the GOP candidate's support started to level off and even decline. That may be due to a combination of the Dem negative ad assault and Obama's efforts to energize the Dem base and bring home their voters.

Here's a graph of the RCP average for the Colorado Senate race which illustrates this point. Note: The following charts are updated in real time with the latest RCP polls.

We're also seeing the same thing, to a lesser degree, in the Kentucky race:

Notice the jump in Sestak's support in Pennsylvania:

Angle is maintaining a slight lead in Nevada, but too close for comfort:

Two Bright Spots:

The Democrats are redoubling their efforts in these and other states. It's up to us to answer their challenge. And there are more of us than there are of them so let's get out there and start taking back our country one race at a time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama and the Dems Continue to Insult Voters

Fooling Obama Voters might not be difficult but the rest of us can think and reason for ourselves!

For over a year now, Obama and the Dems have been trying to scare voters by suggesting that Tea Partiers and conservatives are un-American and racist. Now, Obama is saying that the voters are too scared and stupid to know what's good for them.

Last weekend at a Democrat fundraiser Obama said this:
"Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we're hardwired not to always think clearly when we're scared. And the country's scared."

David Paul Kuhn, writing at Real Clear Politics points out that Obama's attitude is quite changed from 2008:
You see, amid the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, voters were rational and informed when they voted Democrats into office. Two years later, as the public prepares to vote Democrats out of office, they're irrational and ignorant.

Democrats have a problem with liberals as well. In late September, the White House sought to rally the base by scolding it. Obama told Rolling Stone magazine that progressive apathy was "inexcusable" and "irresponsible." Vice President Joe Biden said progressives should "stop whining."

In Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has tried to make sense of voter disgust. Think of the recession like Christmas presents. Sometimes boys want more presents.

"I was a very selfish little boy, and I was upset that my mother had to go through all this. Whose fault is this? And that's what people are going through. I didn't know who to blame but I wanted to blame somebody," Reid told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

And, of course, cue John Kerry. Democrats' 2004 nominee told reporters in late September: "We have an electorate that doesn't always pay that much attention to what's going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what's happening."
It's odd that the Obama team, credited with being such brilliant campaigners in 2008 would now resort to calling the electorate, even their own supporters names. It doesn't seem a very smart strategy to tell voters they are too dumb to know what's good for them.

Could it be that Obama is setting up an excuse to explain away the idea that this election will be a referendum on his presidency? As Kuhn puts it in the title of his article, Obama: "It's not Me, It's You."

Obama really is living in a dream world, what Bill Clinton called "a fairy tale". Remember when Obama said the the Tea Parties should thank him for the pittances in tax cuts while he set out policies to raise many times that amount in new taxes? And he's always telling us that things are not as bad as they seem and will get better. But even those with an average memory will recall how he promised all would be well if we only let him spend a $TRILLION on stimulus to pay off his big union and liberal buddies. That might have made the unions and liberals happy but did little to nothing for the rest of us.

Liberal spinmeister Rob Shapiro goes even further by rephrasing the old Reagan line and suggesting that we really are better off now than two years ago. Funny thing, not one Democrat running for office this year would dare to say such a thing for fear the bloodbath coming their way will be even worse.

Remember also that Obama promised he would "not rest" until those looking for work were able to find it. But he's also he would "not rest" on half a dozen other issues which he has all but ignored. In January 2010, Obama promised to make jobs his central focus then spent months ramming a widely unpopular health care bill down our throats.

Obama and the Dems obviously can't run on their record without the very real possibility of an even worse defeat. All they are left with are smears against the GOP and insults thrown at the voters!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Former Obama Supporters Think Obama is Digging the Ditch DEEPER!

It's time to give Republicans back the keys to the national car!

I hope readers are keeping up with the Mike's America Twitter Feed. The good, the bad and the ugly are coming in fast and furious and there's no way to fully blog it all. The Twitter feed is a good way to catch up on the headlines, and astute readers will notice certain trends in the stories that catch my attention. This is what happened today.

First, I saw this: an AP/Yahoo News poll which followed over 1200 voters during the 2008 presidential contest were contacted again this year and the primary conclusion from interviewing them again was:

Nearly two years after putting Obama in the White House, one-quarter of those who voted for the Democrat are defecting to the GOP or considering voting against the party in power this fall. Just half of them say they definitely will show up Nov. 2, according to an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll released two weeks before Obama's first midterm elections.
To a certain degree, Obama's woes are a consequence of his 2008 campaign, when he was a blank slate and many people attached their hopes to him. Now, two years in, liberals, moderates and conservatives alike who supported him are disappointed for various reasons.
Perhaps the clearest explanation of how Obama failed those who voted for him comes from another story I found today in the Boston Herald. Margery Eagan, who admits voting for Obama writes:

This president gives rousing speeches. He did it again yesterday. He bounded out onto the Hynes Convention Center stage, all youth and vigor, open-necked white shirt, navy blazer.

But he didn’t sell me, or reassure me.

And he obviously knows he’s having trouble connecting — even with true believers. He talked about this yesterday: the “fun” and “feeling good” and overwhelming optimism of Inauguration Day vs. the undercurrent of skepticism now.

Remember? Obama was JFK, RFK and MLK rolled into one. He was a once-in-a-generation superstar. The savior had been born.

What happened?
Ms. Eagan went on to describe Obama's speech in which he once again tried to blame Republicans for driving the car into the ditch and standing on the sidelines while he begged them for help pulling the car out. Ms. Eagan goes on:

I don’t think the president meant to undermine anybody’s confidence with his wrong-way-out-of-the-ditch story yesterday. But that’s the nagging question — isn’t it? Even among the once-Obamified, like me? We’re afraid he’s not really getting us out of our ditch. And the ditch is getting deeper. And it’s very scary stuff.
So now we’re back to the car in the ditch. Obama said yesterday that even though the GOP didn’t lift a finger, he and the Democrats kept pushing, and “finally we got this car on level ground. It’s a little banged up,” he said, “It needs some body work, a tune-up.” But at least it’s finally out of the ditch. And now, Obama said, the GOP says, “Excuse me, can we have the keys back?’’

We’re not supposed to give the keys back, see. That’s Obama’s message this election season. We’re supposed to “keep moving forward between our doubts and our hopes . . . to push forward even when success (is) uncertain.”

OK, I get it. There are no guarantees. But I, for one, would feel much better with some kind of evidence that Obama’s GPS works.
Like so many other former Obama supporters (Bloomberg poll put the number at 40%) who have lost faith in their messiah, Ms. Eagen sees Obama pushing the car further and further into the ditch and wonders whether it might be a better idea to let the Republicans have the keys back before it is too late!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Setback for GOP Senate Takevover

Dems cut their losses to hold on to thin majority!

The GOP effort to retake the House of Representatives looks to be in great shape. Republican campaign strategists have been expanding the playing field and going after Democrats who were formerly thought to have safe seats. As a measure of how strong the GOP House effort is consider that Republican Michelle Bachmann posted an all time fundraising record of $5.4 million for the third quarter. Meanwhile, Dems are cutting their losses in places like Ohio where their House candidates are in big trouble.

But the race for the Senate has taken a bad turn this week with a slew of new polls giving Dems in key states a slight edge. The Democrat's Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) recently cut funding for ads to benefit Robin Carnahan in Missouri who is increasingly further behind Republican Roy Blunt in the latest RCP poll roundup.

Instead, the DSCC is putting money into races like that of Harry Reid in Nevada, who is currently tied in the RCP average with Sharron Angle who reported another fundraising record of over $14 million in the third quarter.

Bad Week in WA, WV, IL

Full size image at Karl Rove.com
  While Republicans had a slight edge and signs of momentum last week in WA, WV, IL and NV, (click the links for each state's RCP average) these races now seem to be tied with a slight edge and momentum moving back to the Democrats.

If these current negative trends hold for the next 17 days here is what RCP projects as the result:
RCP project no tossup (click here for latest). RCP project with tossup races here.
Are you starting to see how important that seat in Delaware would be with RINO Mike Castle as the easy win?

California Wildcard

It's always been an uphill battle for the GOP to retake control of the Senate. Still, there are likely to be a few surprises in the results on November 2nd. We're not going to win every race we expect to win and we might win one or two that we did not. One surprise might be in California, where Dem Barbara Boxer has a slight lead over Carly Fiorina, but even that has narrowed by one point in the last week.

As it was from the start of this election cycle: for the GOP to take control of the Senate we are going to have to win nearly all of these tight races in which we are tied or have a slight lead as well as pick off one or two in which we are slightly behind. Are there enough undecided voters who might be persuaded to pull the lever for some REAL change? Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interview: Obama Admits Failures and, as usual, Blames Republicans!

Obama: "at best, average!"
Some White House aides who were ready to carve a new spot on Mount Rushmore for their boss two years ago privately concede now that he cannot be another Abraham Lincoln after all. In this environment, they have increasingly concluded, it may be that every modern president is going to be, at best, average. 
 --From: "The Education of a President," By Peter Baker, New York Times, October 12, 2010

Dems are in a tizzy about the interview Obama gave to the NY Times in these key final days of the fall election campaign. Liberal columnist David Corn, writing at Mother Jones Magazine asks: "Could the White House have picked a worse time to open up to the New York Times Magazine about its mistakes?" Others have suggested that the interview amounts to a sort of "pre-mortem" in advance of the fall election results which nearly every sane person concedes will be a repudiation of Obama and Democrats in Congress.

The interview included this amazing quote by Obama: “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects” which is an admission that his economic stimulus plan was based on faulty assumptions which a more experienced leader might not have made. Continued record unemployment is a sad testament to Obama's inexperience and lack of any grounding in economic and governing fundamentals.

What I found most astounding was this:
Obama told me, “we probably spent much more time trying to get the policy right than trying to get the politics right. There is probably a perverse pride in my administration — and I take responsibility for this; this was blowing from the top — that we were going to do the right thing, even if short-term it was unpopular. And I think anybody who’s occupied this office has to remember that success is determined by an intersection in policy and politics and that you can’t be neglecting of marketing and P.R. and public opinion.”

Good grief! As of March 2010 CBS News counted Obama delivering 54 speeches on health care. Since then, who knows how many more times he's made that a prime focus of his remarks. If anything, Obama has concentrated MORE on P.R. and politics than he has policy. And when he does concentrate on policy, he's usually excluding Republicans from the discussions and blaming them later for opposing his plans.

Obama's mea culpa does nothing to energize the liberal base which Dems cling to more desperately as the hours tick away towards November 2nd. This article is another bit of narcissim on Obama's part showing how totally self-focused he is. In that regard, it's another example of how he is prepared to toss his own party and it's leaders up for re-election under the bus at a key moment.

Don't say we didn't warn you! 

Obama No Longer "Cool" for Younger Voters

The old Obama magic doesn't work anymore!

It looks like younger voters have cooled on Obama. So excited about "hope and change" just two years ago, they've watched along with all of us, how Obama abandoned the promise of his campaign and governed, as many of us warned, like a Chicago politician.

In trying to recapture the lost energy of the youth vote from 2008 Obama is doing numerous appearances at colleges and universities. It's about the only place he thinks he can draw a crowd these days. But sadly for him and the Democrats, this last desperate appeal to younger voters isn't working any better than the appeals to the rest of his base. Documenting the overall phenomenon, a recent Bloomberg poll showed 4 out of 10 Obama voters have lost faith in their messiah.

Focusing specifically on young college age voters, an Associated Press-MTV-U poll concluded: "The Obamamania that gripped college campuses two years ago is gone."
Forty-four percent of students approve of the job Obama is doing as president, while 27 percent are unhappy with his stewardship, according to the survey conducted late last month. That's a significant drop from the 60 percent who gave the president high marks in a May 2009 poll. Only 15 percent had a negative opinion back then.
The findings in the AP-mtvU poll, which surveyed more than 2,000 undergraduates age 18 to 24, come as students and others say political activity on campuses is way down from the frenetic levels of the 2008 presidential race. Josh Rohrer, a senior at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., says it was impossible to walk to class two years ago without seeing campaign fliers, T-shirts and tables strewn with candidates' brochures.

"Now, if you don't read a newspaper, you wouldn't know there's about to be an election," he said.
AP-GfK polls show Obama remains more popular among younger than older voters, but more older people express interest in the congressional elections. A September survey by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center found that among people under 30, those favoring Republicans are likelier than Democratic supporters to say they've thought a lot about the election.
College Republicans (full disclosure: I was the Ohio Executive Director of CR's eons ago) are tapping into the latest trend on campus with a new video ad called "The Breakup:"

Obama may spend a lot of time trying to gin up enthusiasm among the college crowd but it won't work. Still, he can't really go many other places without generating negative attention for Democrats so what else can he do?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WV Democrat Uses High Powered Rifle in "Dead Aim" Ad

Where are the liberal handwringers who went ballistic when Sarah Palin "targeted" Dems for defeat?

Remember when Sarah Palin launched her effort to target Dems for defeat who voted for Obama Care? She used a national map with what the Huffington Posts breathlessly described as "targeting -- yes, with gun sights House Democrats facing tough reelection fights." TPM went further and linked Palin's ad to what it claimed was an increase in violence directed at Democrats.

So what do all those gun nanny ninnies think of this ad by Democrat Joe Manchin, Governor of West Virginia and candidate for U.S. Senate in this fall's election?

Manchin appears with a high powered rifle. Stops to load it with a bullet and then takes aim and fires at a copy of the Cap and Trade global warming bill.

The TPM report on Manchin's ad was matter of fact. No question of Manchin promoting violence. Same deal at Huffington Post. Had Sarah Palin or ANY Republican run a similar ad, the left would go more berserk than usual!

And what of Manchin's promise to be an independent voice for West Virginia if elected to the Senate? Well, just look at the Washington Post Votes Database. Nearly every Democrat,in the Senate, including the late Robert Byrd whose seat Manchin hopes to fill, voted with Harry Reid and the Democrat party line over 90% of the time.

If the people of West Virginia want to send someone to Washington to vigorously oppose the worst of Obama's excesses, they need to send Republican John Raese. Rifle or no rifle, Manchin or any Democrat will be a rubber stamp for Obama!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Time Mag's Mark Halperin Blasts "isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless" Obama!

And Halperin points out how Obama has wasted his presidency by attacking the GOP instead of focusing on jobs!

Halperin is Time Mag's Senior Political Analyst and no friend to conservatives. Speaking out as he does is an admission that many Democrats behind the scenes are saying and thinking the same thing:

Why Obama Is Losing the Political War
By Mark Halperin
Time Magazine
Monday, Oct. 11, 2010

...With the exception of core Obama Administration loyalists, most politically engaged elites have reached the same conclusions: the White House is in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working-class voters. This view is held by Fox News pundits, executives and anchors at the major old-media outlets, reporters who cover the White House, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders and governors, many Democratic business people and lawyers who raised big money for Obama in 2008, and even some members of the Administration just beyond the inner circle.
[T]here is a growing perception that Obama's decisions are causing harm — that businesses are being hurt by the Administration's legislation and that economic recovery is stalling because of the uncertainty surrounding energy policy, health care, deficits, housing, immigration and spending.
Throughout the year, we have been treated to Obama-led attacks on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Congressman Joe Barton (for his odd apology to BP), John Boehner (for seeking the speakership — or was it something about an ant?) and Fox News (for everything). Suitable Democratic targets in some cases, perhaps, but not worth the time of a busy Commander in Chief. In the past few days, we have witnessed the spectacle of the President himself and his top advisers wading into allegations that Republicans are attempting to buy the election using foreign money laundered through the Chamber of Commerce, combining with Karl Rove and his wealthy backers to fund a flood of negative television commercials. Not only is this issue convoluted and far-fetched, but it also distracts from the issues voters care about, frustrating political insiders and alienating struggling citizens (not that many are following such an offbeat story line). Feinting and gibing can't obscure those job numbers.

Read more
Anyone looking at Obama's approval rating, let alone the current unemployment numbers can conclude that Obama's continued campaign of political attacks is not working. So why does Obama insist on doubling down on stupidity?

I'm reminded of the famous quote from General Honore who was sent down to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina: "Don't get stuck on stupid." Too bad he couldn't offer that advice to Obama today.

New Low for Obama and the Dems: Campaigning on a LIE!

Attacks on Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove are the latest signs of desperation and dirty politics!

Remember the 2010 State of the Union Address when Obama claimed the Supreme Court decision giving corporations the same first amendment right to contribute to political campaigns as big labor unions (spending $250 million on campaigns this year) would open the "floodgates" for foreign corporations to "spend without limits" in our elections? Justice Alito, who sat near the front row along with other members of the U.S. Supreme Court was seen to mouth the words "not true?" Alito's view has been widely upheld but apparently that doesn't stop Obama and the Dems from continuing their campaign of obvious disinformation.

Obama and the Dems have repackaged their phony foreign money charge in an even more audacious and outrageous attack. Twice in campaign stops last Thursday Obama cited a liberal blog as his source that Republicans are using foreign money (a violation of federal law) to fund their 2010 campaigns through organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and groups like American Crossroads which is actively supported by former Bush aide Karl Rove.

Obama's charge was too much to swallow even for the New York Times whose reporter Eric Licthbau said this in a story on Friday:
There is little evidence that what the chamber does in collecting overseas dues is improper or even unusual, according to both liberal and conservative election-law lawyers and campaign finance documents.

In fact, the controversy over the Chamber of Commerce financing may say more about the Washington spin cycle — where an Internet blog posting can be quickly picked up by like-minded groups and become political fodder for the president himself — than it does about the vagaries of campaign finance.
Karl Rove responded on the Fox News Sunday program calling the  allegations "baseless" and a "desperate political ploy." Video of Rove's interview is here.

Democrat National Committee Picks Up Lie and Runs....

In an ad called "Stealing Democracy" the Democrat National Committee picks up where Obama left off and goes one better down the road of deliberate falsehoods and election sleaze. Even the Baltimore Sun TV critic (who posts a video of the ad) called it : a " new low for midterm mud:"
Here is what's so appalling to me: The ad makes the totally unsubstantiated charge that the Chamber of Commerce is taking money from foreign interests and using it to "steal our democracy." And worse, President Obama is out on the campaign trail, according to the New York Times, creating an echo chamber by making the same reckless claims just as the ad hits the airwaves. And when CBS newsman Bob Schieffer Sunday asks David Axelrod if there is any proof for the claim, the senior Obama aide says they don't need proof -- it's up to the Chamber of Commerce to prove it isn't true.

The Democratic National Commitee is using the same sort of tactic and logic that Sen. Joe McCarthy used in the 1950s: Level a headline-grabbing and unsubstantiated charge, like the State Department is filled with communists, and then say it is up to the State Department and the employees so charged to prove it is not true.

So much for hope and change; this is the politics of fear, slander and divisiveness on the eve of an election that looks as if it could deliver a damning verdict on the first two years of the Obama administration.
Is it any wonder a young man at a rally at Bowie State University on Thursday began shouting at Obama: "YOU'RE A LIAR!"

CBS' Bob Schieffer to Axelrod: "Is that the best you can do?"

In a remarkable interview, even Bob Schieffer of CBS news seems to understand how absurd these phony charges are:

Schieffer to Axelrod: “I guess I would put it this way. If the only charge Democrats can make three weeks into the election is that somehow this may or may not be foreign money coming into the campaign, is that the best you can do?”

Commenting on the Schieffer interview, Stuart Gottlieb,Director of policy studies, the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University said
"When the New York Times, Washington Post, and CBS News all declare the attacks to be without merit, something, somewhere, has gone very, very, wrong in Democratic Party Land....As Axelrod's colorless face attests: when you've lost Bob Schieffer, you've seriously lost your way."

We knew Democrats would have to fight dirty this election. They certainly could not run on their record and all the old Obama magic has turned to dust when exposed to reality.

The only question was how low and how dirty would Democrats go? Well, it looks like they are headed to the bottom. And since the news media is not likely to hold Obama accountable to the same degree they certainly would of a Republican, it will be up to the voters to pass judgement!

Friday, October 08, 2010

More Job Losses in September!

And earlier reports revised to reflect even greater job losses!

Remember that Obama predicted this summer would be "recovery summer" and that V.P. Biden claimed that up to 500,000 jobs would be created each month? Remember that Obama rushed through a $TRILLION stimulus bill, costing more than the total spending on the Iraq war, and swore it would keep unemployment below 8%?

The news today is that 95,000 jobs were lost in September and that what little job growth there is in the private sector is smaller than expected. In addition, previous month's losses were revised to show that an additional 366,000 people are out of work.

The following chart shows just how bad the situation is in comparison to other recessions:

See more info at Calculated Risk
 As Karl Rove points out in his recent Wall Street Journal column:
In March 2004, when Barack Obama was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the Illinois Democratic primary, he excoriated President George W. Bush for creating a "jobless recovery." The month he said that, 334,000 new jobs were created—none of them temporary Census ones—and unemployment was 5.8%.
On September 27th Obama insisted we are not in a "jobless recovery." Yet if you compare the brown line in the chart above which tracks unemployment during the 2001 recession when Bush was President you see a vastly better job situation than we do in the current recession.

Unemployment WORSE Because of Obama Policies

The policies put in place by Democrats have made it harder for businesses to hire new workers and harder to keep the workers they have. Whether it's the new health care law or environmental or other regulations, businesses are not encouraged to hire. Michelle Malkin has been tracking the jobs lost due to Obama's policies. Add to that the uncertainty about the tax situation, which Democrats refused to confront before leaving town to campaign and it's no wonder this recession is deeper and will last longer than might otherwise be the case if a Republican was in the White House with the aide of a Republican Congress.

Obama and the Democrats declared war on business with their policies and that war seems to be the only one which they are winning. There is only one remedy to this situation: VOTE REPUBLICAN in November! Putting the adults back in charge will be the first big step to restoring jobs to the American worker and sanity to government!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Throws WAAAYYY to the Catchers Left

Another reason Florida voters won't want to vote for him for Senate!

Here is Crist throwing out the first pitch of the 2nd game of American League Division Series:

No wonder Marco Rubio is pulling well into the lead in the race for Florida's senate seat!

Three Dozen Fall Ill at Obama Rally in MD

Now they know how the rest of us feel!

Earlier this week the Presidential Seal leapt from the podium as Obama spoke and crashed to the floor. Now, the crowds are starting to pass out.

Would this have anything to do with the polls which show voters are fleeing from Obama in droves?

Good News Coming Fast and Furious in Closing Days of This Week.

Keep up with the latest by checking the Mike's America Twitter Feed!

There's so many new polls and other great stories coming out in the final weeks of this campaign it will be impossible to do justice to them all with a blog post. The best way to get the news out is to link to the original story in Twitter.

You can page down the Twitter box in the left sidebar, but that will only give you the last seven Tweets. Make sure to click the link for the full feed here to catch up.

Here are some highlights of what has come along today:
I want to draw your special attention to the latest commentary by the always brilliant Victor Davis Hanson, which I tweeted earlier today. You'll want to read the whole thing, but here's an excerpt:

The Obama Rope-a-dope
By Victor Davis Hanson
Real Clear Politics
October 7, 2010

After 2010, will he be Carter or Clinton?

That is the ongoing parlor game now played among pundits over how President Obama will react to a probable shellacking of the Democrats in midterm elections next month.

Jimmy Carter stuck to his liberal agenda after suffering a modest rebuke in the 1978 midterms amid sky-high inflation, interest rates and unemployment. He didn't take voters' hint and went on to get clobbered two years later by Ronald Reagan.

In contrast, after his party was slaughtered in the 1994 midterms (losing 51 House and eight Senate seats), a triangulating Bill Clinton moved to the center and handily won re-election in 1996.

So what will Obama do if he loses a Democratic majority in the House and quite possibly the Senate, as his approval ratings tank to 40 percent?

Most likely, he will stick to his liberal orthodoxy -- but in a way unlike Carter. Yet, like Clinton, Obama may still have a good chance at re-election.

Here's why.
if Republicans take over Congress, they -- not Obama -- can be blamed for the failure to enact the liberal dream. Obama can nostalgically soar with hope-and-change platitudes about his aborted left-wing vision, with the assurance that there is absolutely no chance he will offend the majority of Americans by seeing any of it passed.

Overseas, much of the reset Obama foreign policy either stalled or simply reverted back to the policies of George W. Bush. Iran and North Korea are more anti-American -- and loonier -- than ever before. China is pushing around its neighbors in a way not seen just a few years ago. Russia hasn't helped stop the likely Iranian bomb. We can say that Cuba, Syria and Venezuela sound more friendly, but they still act like enemies. Iran, Afghanistan and anti-terrorism policies are simply Bush policy rehashes.

A new rejectionist Republican Congress will probably ensure that Obama's therapeutic outreach abroad proves harmless. In turn, the president can safely blame "reactionaries" for blocking more of his utopian foreign-policy initiatives, while his political advisors privately express relief that they did.

If Democrats get clobbered in November, expect just such a passive rope-a-dope strategy, different from the last two years of either the Carter term or the first Clinton term. Obama will let Republicans punch themselves out at the nation's problems, hoping they expend energy and incur blood. Then, as things improve, he can come alive to brag in 2012 that the upturn would have been even better had he not been stopped by right-wing obstructionists.

The mellifluent-talking Obama will do far better if his agenda remains hope-and-change banter instead of becoming messy and costly law. Republicans will try to ensure both -- and thereby may save Obama from himself.
How to Keep Up with Poll Frenzy

Real Clear Politics continues to update the latest polling information for races across the country several times a day. Check this link for the latest. To get the full picture of an individual race, click the link for that state on the RCP map (Senate, Gov, House)

You might also want to check the analysis at Pollster.com. Pollster uses a different mode of analysis than the RCP poll averages. And for real numbers freaks, the liberal analyst Nate Silver at Five Thirty Eight offers the most in-depth (and non partisan) race by race number crunching.

No Letup in GOP Wave!

If you have been following the Mike's America Twitter Feed, you might have seen the article by Josh Kraushaar in the National Journal Hotline: Democrats' False Optimism. Kraushaar debunks the narrative that the New York Times and other newspapers tried to start last weekend suggesting a Democrat comeback was in the works. Sorry Dems, it ain't happening.

If anything, the GOP wave is growing. The enthusiasm gap in favor of Republicans remains huge. Races that were once Dem favored, which later became tossups are now moving to GOP favored. This is especially true in Wisconsin, where Republican Ron Johnson's lead over incumbent Senator Russ Feingold (D) is edging into double digits. And the latest polls for the Florida Senate seat show Marco Rubio(R) entering solid double digit territory in that three way race.

In Washington state, in which the incumbent Patty Murray (D) was favored to win, Dino Rossi has pulled ahead with a very narrow lead. in one of the latest polls.  In West Virginia, the very popular Democrat Governor Joe Manchin is falling victim to Obama's appalling low approval rating of around 29%. His GOP challenger John Raese is building a lead in the latest polls.

The Bad News

In the Delaware Senate race, I was hoping to see some narrowing in the lead held by the avowed Marxist Chris Coons (D). It's not happening for GOP challenger Christine O'Donnell and time is running out. A double digit deficit in the polls at this point in any race is probably fatal. The same is true in races in Connecticut and New York.

Nail Biting Time in CA, IL, NV

I'm still waiting for some newer polls from the California Senate race which has narrowed to a four point lead for Barbara Boxer(D) over Carly Fiorina(R). Fiorina has started to show some recovery from a recent slump but can she catch up to Boxer who hovers around 49%?

In Illinois, for the seat formerly held by President Obama Mark Kirk(R) has a very narrow lead over the Dem.

In Nevada, Sharron Angle (R) has edged past Harry Reid (D) in the last three polls. Reid is still caught with polls averaging at 43% which is presumed fatal to an incumbent but the race is still very tight. However, some recent momentum for Angle may be the death knell for Harry "this war is lost" Reid.

Bottom Line: Big GOP win in House, Possible Senate Takeover

More cautious analysts like Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia gives Republicans control of the House of Representatives with a 47 seat pickup in November. But National Journal rates 79 races in play, nearly all of them Dem seats. Others like Dick Morris point out that we don't even have polling in most of these congressional races and it's entirely possible that the GOP could mount an effective challenge in 100 races.

Had RINO Mike Castle won the GOP Senate primary in Delaware I'd say we were on our way to retaking the Senate in November. We can still pull it off, but to do so means we can't afford to lose any of the close races. Sharron Angle has to be the  #1 priority race. Followed by races in Illinois, Washington state and West Virginia.

Are You Ready for the Wave?

Above all, don't take victory for granted. Winning depends on YOU getting your friends, family members and associates to the polls. Time is past to register new voters, but you can help others to submit applications for absentee ballots. Talk to friends and family about the election and offer to go with them to vote on election day.

It's your turn to show what being an American really means. Don't be left out!
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